Let's Catch Up: Let's Do Hot Girly Things 🥵👼Together



Hey babe! Welcome back to another post. In this post, we are going to do hot girly things together. So the first order of slay business is to put on an Animal Crossing playlist by @Tendo Farms. I don’t make the rules. It’s part of the slay rule society. Second order of slay business, don’t ever question your hotness. Period. So yeah, come with me and eat three bars of chocolate together while looking like a bum wearing chaotic patterns and colored extensions that can’t sit quite right on your head. Let’s goooo. 

Hot girls rant rarely. Or as much as they want to. Can we talk about the mess of season three that is The Mandalorian? No Satine mentions and how the fuck are they talking about reuniting all Mandalorians without Boba Fett??? Needless to say, it went from a 9 rating to a 7. Disney (my enemy) won’t see me and my money any time soon for doing Boba so dirty o: I was planning on doing a Disney trip to Florida for my birthday this year, but that’s not gonna happen anymore. Honestly, fuck Disney. For making feel Tem sad and for assigning lousy writers to the Book of Boba Fett. 

Hot girls are too good to be half-desired. Babe, this is your sign to run from anyone who’s not sure of you. And hot girls don’t mind being single because that is when you at your most powerful. Every day I’m so grateful for my solitude. 

Hot girls love looking at the moon. Admire others’ beauty, as much as you admire yours. 

Mama Bear Day Plan: Spend a lovely day on the patio with the cats. Enjoy my mom’s garden. Brush my mom’s hair. She always likes it when I play with her hair so I’m gonna give her a coupon to use it :D I already gave my mom pre-early gifts: Magnum, orchids from since February, and other Knick knacks like bra extenders and wide-tooth combs. I may also get cinnamon and honey buns because she loves those! (Edit: We ended up eating honey cream cake, pancit, and mango together with dad. I also got Mama Bear her giant white orchids from Randall’s, her Clinique Happy Heart perfume from Ulta, her Clinique hydration moisturizer and black honey lipstick from Sephora. I also took lots of plant photos for her to collect to refer back to when she redesigns her garden. Our morning was a really happy one with Magnum meowing a lot and joining in the conversations lol. Vader, Shiv, and Gigi got extra treats today). 

What I’ve Enjoyed Lately: Carbot animation of RE 4. Anime shorts of RE4 in that wholesome, stylistic style inspired by the anime Heidi. Made me laugh for dayssss. RadBrad’s RE 2 Remake playlist. What the hell am I gonna do when I’m out of RE playlists to watch??? I guess I could always watch RE movies, but I heard those were bad. I might like them though so we’ll give them a try. Seeing screenshots of Captain Pikachu. I can’t wait to start watching the anime this summer. Summer is always my favorite time to catch up on anime. POV: You’re at a wedding and the bride & groom like Kim Possible by DimitriBeauchamp on Tiktok. Other people’s April Dumps because they’ve been so busy with life as well. 

Recent Purchases: Happy to report that I have not made any new nail polish purchases. I bought a lot of essentials which make me happy. Like I have a tinge of fiscal responsibility in my veins lol. I don’t really regret purchasing any of the makeup I purchased because I did want to reward myself for like 8 months' worth of heavy workload. Imagine being so stressed and overwork everyday that you forget your best friend’s birthday. Kat always forgives me though. She’s honestly the best. My workload is considerably lighter now as it should be and I just wanted to celebrate the fact that I got through some of the most stressful times in my life. I’m not sure if I’ll do another post for the other packages I’m waiting on. But I’ll do reels instead on Instagram and Tiktok. 

What I Wore: Little Box of Horrors for March in Lugosi by Witchcraft Cult. Lonely Hearts Club by Familiar Polish. Argon & Atomic No 94 (glow in the dark - purple & red) also by Familiar Polish. 

What’s Made Me Happy:  Thunderstorms. Eating warm soup (sopas) with Mama Bear on Saturday. Hugging my mom in the kitchen and we made jokes that she’ll be 16 again in a couple of years. And I’ll throw her a sweet sixteen party lol. Saw a banana car in the freeway!!! Shiv, Vader, Palpatine, and Boba’s birthday is coming up on May 4th! 

Wish List: Leon S. Kennedy’s Schott NY bomber jacket. It costs $1500 though ; o ; Matsson's Fjallraven sweater that he wore on Episode 5: Kill List


    • Need to charge my work laptop so I can return it
    • I didn’t join a single happy hour with co-workers the whole time I was here. So much for being a team player. But to be honest, I’m so glad when I had other co-workers also telling me that they would also rather skip it and just go straight home to rest 
    • Need to start taking glutathione like my dad. So that I can always look like I’m in my early thirties lol
    • How hard it is to find habanero snacks in grocery stores
    • Speaking of snacks, I need to go snack shopping again because I ate everything (again) 
    • I might need to buy a new set of panties because my period has just destroyed most of them :( It’s not fun to put them on anymore every time you look at that stain 
    • Only saved $500 for this month. That wasn’t very cash money of me ; o ; 
    • Relapsed and bought makeup. In my defense, I’m just really happy to to be interested in make up again. I bought pink and purple powders so that I can play with more Igari techniques. I haven’t played with blush in a while so I am very excited.
    • Cut the junk journaling pieces I’ve saved up o:
    • I don’t know what the hell I’m gonna pack for lunch tomorrow. I think I’ll just make a cheese or Nutella sandwich. 
    • The broken hex light that I’m too lazy to fix 
    • Have to gather all of my Holo Taco nail polish so I can check which ones I already have and which ones I don't so I don't end up buying doubles
    • I thought I changed, but deep down, at my core, every time something stressful resurfaces, I rely on my INTJ personality to get me through horse shit :\ I guess I have more shadow work to do, or I just accept that that is who I am and I just like to hold on to the illusion that I’m capable of changing. I mean I always ask myself every time someone tries to fuck me over is, “What would Palpatine do?” And the answer is “Destroy them later :)” And second question I always think about is “Would it bother me if karma eats them alive?” And the answer  is a definite no :) No it won’t bother me. 


    • Learn how to make Mexican rice and then I’m going to put melted cheese on top of it. I need more comfort food recipes that I need to learn by heart 
    • Stop being such a mess when it comes to not bringing my wallet simply because I’ve started to rely heavily on Apple Pay o: I would constantly have to ask if a store accepts Apple Pay, with my phone At 6%, not bringing a portable charger, every time I run errands after work. Mari, get it together please.
    • Make a pale cherry faux tattoo on my wrist because my nickname at work is Princess Cherry ; o ; This is my favorite nickname up to date  
    • Get cattuccino for the cat gang 


    • Completed a business transaction! I hope it helps me out while I plan on being offline for the next two and a half months. 
    • Bought my mom’s White Lotus Tieks. I’m just bummed out that it will arrive a day late even though I paid for overnight shipping. I’m going to treat her buy buying her white giant orchids and tulips tomorrow though!
    • Showered + Cleaned my room
    • Halfway done with reading Chowa
    • Fix another broken nail with rubber gel successfully
    • Organized new makeup + makeup bags. Went really crazy for the lippies. 
    • By the end of this month, I will be buying vinyls for my little brother. I’m thinking of anything from Frank Sinatra because he loves his voice. 
    • Caught up on two episodes of Succession! It’s sooooo gooood. This show never slowed down. It goes hard from the first season to its last season. Holy fuck, new episode just dropped tonight. I forgot it's Sunday. Ooo I need to watch this tomorrow after work. Gotta be up by 4 am so sadly, I can't watch it tonight. 
    • Proud that I’ve been able to maintain my blog. I’m always very grateful for my blog to allow me to hear my own thoughts. 
    • Finally figured out what I’m going to do for the empty spaces in my room. Fill it up with things that remind me of RE. I’m so fucked once my hyperfixation is gone, but I don’t think that will happen any time soon. 


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      1. I definitely don't do many hot girly things as I often feel too old and too tired, haha but I like the energy of this and think I'm going to have to adopt some of it!

        1. Hi Molly!!! Thank you so much for stopping by! Haha same! I have to force myself into this "hot girl energy" vibes because I noticed that it does give me the mood boost I need to get some rest + productivity done xx I hope you're having a really good weekend.



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