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Happy April!!! I actually get a lot of days off this month so I just wanted to stop by and say hi real quick. Just blogging while RE 4 Remake (RadBrad’s Gameplay) plays in the background while Shiv is scenery watching by the window. It’s really nice. A lovely slow Sunday. If I had known earlier that I had a lot of PTO, I would’ve made plans to travel. Maybe go to Canada or the East Coast. Or somewhere just for the weekend. But I’m also a raging homebody so I feel like it all works out just the same. I’m gonna ask Kat if she ever wants to do a quick weekend getaway next year and just have a girl’s getaway with my best friend. If she’s not available or comfy about it, I’m also down for solo traveling. 

Lately, I’ve been lucid dreaming. I think I met Tommy in my dreams. It kind of makes sense if you think about it. Cats spend most of the day sleeping. Or maybe I’m just making stuff up because I miss him so much. I wanna learn how to carve initials on a tree. I’m gonna carve “Mari & Tommy” inside a heart onto a tree next time I go for a walk in the park. I also go on a lot of lucid dreaming dates. I know that sounds strange. But maybe I have some meditation pals that go on the lucid dreaming dimension to have fun. I mean there are personality (MBTI) dating apps now, so I feel like lucid dreamers meeting up can also be a thing??? 

I tried Pepper for the first time last week and um let’s just say that my first impressions/thoughts weren’t very ad-friendly lol. It’s not bad but I have spent $15 at Target and got better results so I wasn’t too keen on it. On another note, Gigi is no longer jumpy and she’s been getting bigger after eating mulberry leaves! Mama Bear and Miko found them while walking at our local park and they taste so good. It’s little things like these that make my heart so grateful. Haha, but Gigi still won’t let us touch her butt. I’m always looking at her like “Gigi, why won’t you let me touch your butt when I feed you all the timeee o:” (Ew, I sound like a man). And she stares back at me like “Touching my butt is a privilege:[[[” lol. 

Watched the first episode of Succession Season 4 and it was sooo goood. I’m so happy that my babies won. But it’s only the first episode, oh no. A lot more things can go wrong lol. Just another quick note btw: I don’t support TF anymore. But that peach 🍑 scent got me, man. I’ve been hunting down the old releases of palettes on Amazon and eBay for half the price and so far I feel okay not giving them my money as everything I have bought is second-hand (untouched). In regards to my post about “Saying Goodbye To Make Up,” I have successfully reduced my makeup consumption from collecting 20+-something palettes every year to going to pick up only 5-10 annually. Which makes me pretty happy, considering how it was such a difficult addiction to break.  

I can’t believe Ash & Pikachu’s adventure has come to an end after 26 years. I hope they are still planning on releasing a yearly Pokemon film for them with the new legendary Pokémons from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. I’m also torn about how Grogu has a traumatic flashback during the purge of the Jedi temple and Temuera Morrison returning to voice our Clone Troopers in the live-action for Season 3. I’ve also been loving Bo-Katan in Season 3. 

Finally understood the Barbarella reference in that one Arctic Monkey’s song. 

Palpatine still hasn’t come home for dinner. He’s probably too busy taking over the entire galaxy. I miss him so much. 

After I blog, I’m going to be catching up on Jade the Libra’s vlogs. I haven’t been able to watch her in a while because I’d just get so tired after work. And just like Kat, there are days when I’m so tired, I just go straight to sleep instead of eating dinner. So I’m so thankful for this break. Also, work-wise I wanted to note that I love the heck out of my boss. She’s always so kind and lovely to me and she is the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. My supervisor always rolls his eyes at me, but my boss is always happy to see me. I’m blushing just thinking about how I’m so lucky that my boss is so nice. And I also really love my job. I’ve only used up two of my sick days and I’m rarely super late. 

Films I’ve Seen: Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris (I also fell in love with the Ravishing lilac dress) & Doom That Came to Gotham (Bought it on Prime I think??? I try not to buy too many digital products nowadays due to rights issues and you don’t get a refund once the company loses the right to sell the product. I should’ve bought the blu-ray with the digital code, but I wanted to watch it right away after work so I caved in and bought it on YouTube.) Not sure how I completely feel about the movie. It definitely could’ve used more Gotham Sirens. I think we only had Thalia, Barbara, and Poison Ivy. I did enjoy the backstory about the foundation of Gotham and of course explicit Lovecraftian lore embedded into the story. You know other than Arkham. 

Book(s) I’ve Bought: Agent Provocateur Secrets. I had 300 points, so I was able to get $3 off. We’re gonna give erotica another chance. I’ll do a review pretty soon. I don’t think the book is too long. Something about the title just makes me think about Daniel Craig and the Bond Girls. I hope I like this book. I’ll also post it along with a couple of the podcast episodes because I think my thoughts are no longer scattered and I can actually have a discussion about it lol. 

What I Wore: Pretty Puddle by Wildflower Lacquer. Come Again by Great Lakes Lacquer. Reflections by Lilypad Lacquer. Hearts and Promises in Favorite Purple Rainboots. Crystal Knock Out in Downtown Drizzle. 9th Street by Ella & Mila. 

Reconnecting: I feel like a dad who went to the grocery store to get milk and never came back every time I abandon my friends to disappear due to mental health issues lol. So far, I haven’t had anyone be angry at me for disappearing and wanting to be friends again. 

Stuff That Made Me Happy: My mom telling me what kind of gifts she’d like :) I got her an Ann Taylor dress (blue laced) and now I’m gonna get her blue Tieks shoes next! Also saw Mama Bear used the gardening stuff I bought for her. Watching my little brother and helping him fall asleep by putting on a Ghibli Film for him: his favorite is The Cat Returns. Bought my dad a tall hot macchiato and my little brother a Bullseye cake pop during a Target run.  


  • Buying a new Apple Pencil (I just don’t want my Procreate app to go to waste. I did pay $10 for it)
  • Buying a gaming laptop ( I could also build my own PC, but I’m lazy, and it’d be nice to actually use my games without lagging. Besides, I live in my bed anyway so it’s ideal to create a blanket fort with my comforter instead of dragging blankets to my desk to play games)
  • Buy a new iPad? (I don’t really have a good reason for this lol. I think I just want something that doesn’t crash easily or glitch all the time. The one I’m currently typing is perfectly fine tho. Maybe I’m just craving new things)
  • My cholesterol levels . _ . My new PCP said it was kinda high so I gotta eat more veggies and fruit even though I already do. 
  • Reorganizing my nail polish collection again. It’s been a couple of years since I last organized and my collection has expanded by a lot. 
  • Didn’t get to do the March Spread. 
  • Uneasy encounters that bothered me. It wasn’t a particularly awful interaction. But I think it just made me think of 2013 and my depression was at its peak at that time. I’m gonna journal about it and also talk about it with my behavioral counselor. 
  • Make a back up on the G drive because I have not updated it for over six hundred days . _ . 
  • Bought 10 more nail polish because I have a problem!!! 


  • Eat a simple dish (Talong: comfort Filipino food: eggplant + soy sauce w lime + rice). It’s the best vegan dish tbh. 
  • Cuddle with my cat. Shiv is perfect for this because he literally pushes away any screens when it’s time to cuddle. He gets so jealous easily lol.
  • Watch playthroughs. Right now I’m obsessed with Resident Evil 4: Remake. Can’t get over how perfect Leon’s hair is lol. And I love Ashley too. I don’t know when I’ll be able to pick this up because I’m still not done with Village. They made these for bisexuals. I can feel it. They were like let’s make the remake about two hot characters fighting zombies because the bisexuals have suffered enough.  Okay, they made it for profit. But a girl can speculate. 
  • Calligraphy. I use this as a co-meditation kind of tool. All my focus is on making the strokes right, and I actually feel present and anchored at the moment. I mean you can see how sloppy it is, but I’m so proud when I complete a full page lol. 
  • Rest. Try to gather energy for the coming week. 



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  1. Love this! Slow Sundays are my favorite! I always go on a 1 hour morning walk/hike/run and then just relax for the rest of the day <3

    Krissi of the marquise diamond

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment xx I'd love to try hiking and running soon. All of those things sounds lovely :)



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