♡ August Favorites 2019 ♡


+ Sephora make up haul ; o ; I did two of them within two days. Please reserve and hold all judgment. Scratch that. I did three. Individual reviews coming soon! 
+ Blush Fav of the month: & Other Stories “Go Girl, Seek Happy Days to Happy Nights” 
+ Sally’s Beauty haul: Sugu sheet masks, $2 nail polish, & Col lab After Hours palette 
+Sinful colors nail polish in Bitten and Easy Going $3 each. You guys don’t sleep on Sinful Colors. They have an amazing formula, your wallet and bank account’s new bff, and they don’t chip at all even though it’s been a week! They put my $7-10 nail polish to shame. 
+ Cute Nail Polish Remover - Strength Shield | Contains Vitamin E, B5, and Hydrolized Silk | $3 
+ SK II sample in a mini Lancome bottle ; o ; I like this but at the same time I don’t? Like it’s magic in a bottle. But I always seem to use it on a bad timing? I always think it breaks me out because I always end up using it near the time of the month. 
+ First Jill Stuart purchase :3 Ready for that 1920s vintage make up vibes! I love 02 Baroque Rose! 
+ First Colourpop Palette: Baby Got Peach! Can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail. I only paid $2 for shipping thanks to Honey! I used to only buy their lip liners, liquid lipstick, and single eyeshadows. So this one’s pretty special. 


+ Ryan Reynold’s Deleted Slogans. I loved the vodka one the most.


+ Briskets c: I liked Dickie’s better than Rudy’s ; - ; Going to keep looking for my holy grail briskets. 
+ Popeyes Chicken Strips + Fries but like Korean style? It was so juicy ; o ; 
+ Kind Bars - Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate is my fave! 


+ So many stickers! I got a lot of puffy stickers :3 

+ First Angelic Pretty Online purchase! Bought two headdresses from the Angelic Pretty Official USA store! 
+ Red heart-shaped sunglasses from Daiso. My third Daiso trip in a month lol.  Might do a huge haul post later. Anyway, I’ve been wanting one ever since I saw Ms. Grundy sporting it in the first season of Riverdale. 

+ Tarot Card Readings on YouTube being so accurate it’s scary! It’s also relaxing just looking at how pretty the art is in the tarot decks even if none of it manifests 
+ First date (boba & sushi) since the breakup; o ; ! The guy I went with was really hot and nice 
+ Being able to accept things I can’t change. Romantically, anyways. Feels like a very nice spiritual growth. 


+ My newest post ending up as a new popular post on my blog! Can’t believe it has more than 100 views! Thank you for all the love! xx 
+Positive engagement on twitter. Really love interacting with you guys xo! 


+ Naomi’s ‘To All The Dog’s I’ve Loved Before’ for International Dogs Day post on her blog. I loved it so much, I cried. Thank you, @MeditativeO for letting me read something so wonderful and heartfelt. 


+ I’m reading ‘Love Struck’. Hmm. I wouldn’t say it’s a complete favorite, but I do like the writing style here and there. 
+ Really been loving Richard Armitage’s Audiobook narration of ‘Heads You Win’ 

+Crawl: I really like Kaya Scodelario appearing in more wholesome feel-good films like Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. It’s a nice diversion away from her usual roles where it’s often darker and gloomier. Really loved the ending xx! 
+ Pokemon: Mewto Returns (2002) 


+ Taylor Swift - False God [Lover Album] !!!! Other favorite tracks: Paper Rings, The Man, Cruel Summer, I Think He Knows 
+ x Ambassadors - Boom 
+ Kendall Miles - Her  & Lost in Florence & 24/7 & Easy Dreamer 
+ Re-listening to: Home Made Kazouku - Arigatou | UverWorld - Colors of the Heart | Asian Kung Fu Generation: Rewrite 

+ Sceneries from the road trip to Cali. Some that I didn’t get to capture really felt like I was in a Final Fantasy game. It was very pretty. 
+ The Source @ Buena Park + Costa Mesa Mall + Newport Beach 


+ New Rilakkuma Espresso iPhone wallpaper 
+ Second spring cleaning - Might do a room tour soon :D
+ Cat mom in our backyard with her twin kitties. My dad’s been taking care of them. 
+ Seeing my childhood cousin again! He lived in France while I lived in the US so we couldn’t see each other often except for face time so it was nice to see each other again IRL
+ Watching Crawl with my sister and friend Oskr 
+ [      ] Going to leave this a blank space because I don’t want to jinx it! But I am very happy to say the least! 
+ I assembled Chubby’s TokiHut Castle all by myself :D It’s a sturdy, rabbit castle. I loved the smell of wood as I was putting it together. You can get 20% Off using Chief Brody’s Code ‘ManAndBunny’ 
+ Really excited for Fall / Autumn this year. I feel like I missed out last year because I was in the hospital/recovery. Can’t wait to do makeup tutorials and dressed more warmly. 
+Ikea Haul: Ranunculus flowers + Chubby’s Bed + Chubby’s Circus Tent 

+ Unexpected death of Bubbles ; - ; 
+ Being a hot emotional mess ; - ; 
+ Two of my long nails breaking making everything look stubby 
+ My face breaking out in New Mexico & Arizona (Too much AC and desert winds will wreck your skin and I should have known)
+ Unexpected Death of Waffle ; - ; She’s still my favorite this month. I wish she stayed longer with us. Going to dedicate a blog post for her and Bubbles pretty soon. Just too emotionally exhausted to do so now . _ . 
+ Having low energy and realizing that becoming older just means you have an eternal hangover as the years go by
+ Ig block not working anymore. Can’t believe my exes have access to my nudes again D: So I just unblocked them because the block button isn’t working anymore. Why don’t you like me and my vanishing power moves Instagram???
+Mosquito bites & AC breaking down again  . _ . 
+Dreams about an ex with their ex . _ . 

 What was your favorite for the month of August? 

Mari xx 

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