Review- Baby Got Peach by ColourPop


Advance apologies for not including swatches of all the eyeshadows in one photo. I did it separately. I might do it in my next tutorials that are currently in the process of making. I haven’t been in the mood to swatch anything lately. Although, last year, that’s what my blog is all about lol. 

The reason why I bought this palette was because of the packaging, so the photos I took are mostly focused on the outer packaging. 

I was very excited t use a couple of eyeshadows from this palette:  Half-baked and Glaze it. Was really disappointed how (1) didn’t turn out to be a coppery brown like it did in the pan. It turned out to be more orange. And (2) the shimmer shade wasn’t neutral as I’d liked. 

The middle row, when I tried to swatch it, isn’t that quite intact. It moved while I was trying to swatch and feel the product. That was also a bit disappointing. It doesn’t fall out though when you hold the palette upside down. It is a bit shaky. 

I already have Ready or Yacht as a single shadow. I had no idea that Hungry Ghost was going to be a straight-up glitter shadow. From the website, it looked like a duo-chrome metallic with gold and blue. So I was disappointed because I didn't have glitter glue so I couldn’t play with it. 

The other shades didn’t really call out to me. But I like having this palette in my collection because peach shadows are my ‘Can’t go wrong’ shadows. So it’s handy to have it when I’m in a rush. 

Anyway, that’s my first impression of this palette. I would love to know your thoughts on this palette. Please leave me a comment. I’ll see you in the next post! 

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