UZU - Unframe the Beauty - Disturb The Peace [Gifted]*


This is my second gifted product from a major brand and I am so happy! They found me via Instagram. I was just swiping through my insta stories and UZ -  Unframe the Beauty -  Disturb the Peace campaign came up and offered me a free product from FlowFushi. All I had to do was type in my address and they emailed me a code that would take me to where I could put in my address. All I had to do was wait 2-3 weeks. And it actually arrived within a week for me. Which was super amazing!!! I’ve already been planning on getting UZ as a holiday gift for myself, and I still can’t believe I got a free one. I have their classic, OG, silver Moteliner Flow Fushi packaging in black. There are so many colors to choose from! I’m thinking of getting the light blue and pink eyeliner pretty soon. 

It came in a really small, neat packaging. Environment-Friendly packaging. The actual package where the product sits is entirely recycled materials. I didn’t struggle opening anything. It came in a pink and black color. You’re going to see a lot of this eyeliner in the upcoming tutorials, I’m going to be releasing for Fall/Autumn 2019. 

I just want to say thank you so much to UZ for sending me my complimentary eyeliner. You guys are so wonderful and simply the best! I can’t say thank you enough! 

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