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How old were you when you started wearing makeup?

I had make up put on me for weddings because my mom liked me being the flower girl. 
The first time I ever put on makeup by myself was when I was 21. 

How did you get into makeup?

I became interested in makeup around 2014. A lot of cosplayers were on Tumblr like Noodlerella aka Connie Glynn and Eliott who cosplayed Lightning from XIII. And I wanted to join. Felt so powerful the first time I put on black eyeliner. I’ll never forget that day. 

What are some of your favourite brands?

UZU and Jill Stuart. 

What does makeup mean to you?

Being happy. Being an artist by using your face as a canvas. 

If you could only wear four products on your face, what would they be?

I tend to skip a lot of beauty steps so this is probably me all the time lol. I always forget mascara and lips. 

01. Jill Stuart palette
02. UZU black liner
03. Dr. Jart CC cream 
04. Essence Satin Blush in Coral

What is your favourite thing about makeup?

The thoughts that go into packaging definitely. I love graphic design as I’ve mentioned before in my blog :D Also really love the nude shades, the blushes, and bronzers. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen them before over the years, I still get excited to see new makeup come out. Just not on board with buying everything. 

What do you think of drugstore vs high-end makeup?

There are drugstore gems but only if you’re willing to find it through a lot of misses. And by a lot of misses, I mean piling up $5 or $3 and multiplying it by a thousand. And with that money, you could’ve bought one good HG from a decent high-end brand. Also, it’s unlikely that you could return drugstore products once you’ve opened them. Drugstore make up is really for advance makeup users or professional makeup artists. Because they’ll know how to make a drugstore product work with a certain technique. For beginners, definitely stick with makeup brands that sell around $15-$20. Those are decent qualities and you won’t have any purchase regrets. And if you did, you could return them. 

What is the one makeup trend you’ve never understood?

The tattooed brows. I don’t like looking angry. 

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