November Favorites


November Favorites


x Zoeva palettes are here :3 
x Essence palettes: G’day Sydney & Salut Paris 
x Essence satin blush ()
x In the Balm of Your Hand Volume 2 ()
x Pounce & Lion’s Mane lipstick are here!!! I’m so happy!!! They’re magnetic when you close them just like the Natasha Denona ones! ; o ; I should have bought 100,000 back ups because it’s limited edition and I know they’re gonna stop making it someday ; o ; ()
x Detangling comb from AOA. Worked like magic for seriously, damaged hair. 
x Light neon green / Mojito Madness dupe nail polish from Five Below. Took me a while to like this product because formula tends to nick easy on my right hand, but I’ve been really liking the shift of colors from lime neon green to a warm jade green. It never reached blue sadly. Nail polish is Wander - Dusk. 
x Striped white and blue claw clip. Never lets me down c: I wish I brought back up of this guy because Ulta doesn’t seem to carry it in-store or online. I don’t even remember the name of the brand anymore ;u;
x Holographic claw clip from Forever XXI - For my bangs every time I wash my face. Usu just use one hand to lift up my bangs but now I’ve finally put my claw clip to use

x HOLY GRAIL BB CUSHION - Wet n Wild Coconut Infused BB Cream in Buff Beige. It’s only $6. And it’s amazing! I love the fragrance too! Not even a hint of coconut which was the reason I couldn’t try it in the first place. I thought it would clog my pores. But it felt very light and hydrating upon application. Also the puff cushion is sturdy and not at all flimsy unlike other puff cushions I’ve tried from the drugstore 

x Silk satin scrunchies from Ulta. I’ve been tying up my hair up in twin tails even when I sleep because I noticed it helps with the tangling at the base of my neck. Thank god this was a quick fix because I didn’t want to have to buy expensive hair stuff. Glad the issue was solved 

{There’s a lot ; o ; I think I made several posts about it so I feel like I’m repeating stuff I put it here. Check out my recent posts if you’re interested. Still trying new stuff, so we’ll see if they make it on December Favorites. Also, apologies for not photographing every single items on the list. Because again, I don’t want to repeat stuff. You can always check out my previous and related posts. I’ll try to do re-appearance posts or do a solo spotlight on some items. Comment below which one you want to see featured.}

November Favorites


x Ryan Reynold’s Ciao Italy commercial 


x Plain curry + shrimp tempura
x Chicken street tacos
x Pizza 
x Hotdogs 
x UCC coffee 
x Matcha Cream Tea w/ Herbal Jelly ()
x Starbucks Holiday drink: Caramel Brûlée Latte ()
x Cream Cookie Puff 
x Matcha Cream Tea w/ Herbal Jelly 
x Darjeeling tea by Kirin from Daiso 
x Sonic #12 Buffalo boneless wings with strawberry milkshake and fries :3 
x Cream cheese rangoon + honey walnut shrimp + chow mien 
x Donuts with lemonade filling and strawberry filling 
x Baked white cheddar chips 
x Sour cream and onion popcorn 

November Favorites


x Bandaid sticky notes from AOA 
x Shiba Inu and Korilakkuma memo note pads 


x Layers of Fear: Legacy 
x Pokemon Shield ()
November Favorites


x Pinterest: 54k monthly viewers | 77k total viewers 
x 40 followers away to 900 on Twitter
x Beauty Posts are being rolled out to balance out lifestyle posts
x I might do Blogmas this year so that I can reach my first 100k views on Pinterest 
x Got my banner up :D
x Pinterest: 69.9k monthly viewers | 94k total viewers ()
x Pinterest: 83k monthly viewers | 112k total views  () && that’s only half-way through the month
x 160k - 296 k monthly viewers/impressions on Pinterest! Within a year of blogging and I haven’t even started the ad promos yet. That’s nearly 300k. I can’t believe it!

November Favorites

November Favorites


x Lemony Snicket’s “Shouldn’t You Be in School?” because it’s #noirvember everybody 


x Veronica Mars Season 4. [Spoiler Alert:] I refuse to believe that Logan is dead. He’s a naval officer. He must have a sixth sense whenever there’s a bomb nearby. I want him to be alive for season 5 ; o ; Anyway that’s the only show I’ve watched for Noirvember. 

x Birth of Pikachu episode ; o ; 

November Favorites


x The Lion King ; o ; Mufasa’s death is even more painful this time around
x Mapogos Coalition Documentary| Brothers in Blood: Lions of Sabi Sands {They are cannibal lions. And I thought the documentary was going to be extremely violent but it wasn’t. It was very informative. My favorites are…ooh this tough. I like Pretty Boy, Rasta, & Kinky Tail }
x Dumbo on Disney+ ; o ; I’ll protecc u Dumbo () (1941)
x Re-watching ‘Detective Pikachu’ when it’s rainy outside because it’s #noirvember ()
x Knives Out is going to be released Nov 27; And Daniel Craig plays a detective with a southern accent again! Just like in Logan Lucky. I die ; o ; All my favorite characters have been a detective this year. Pikachu and 007. 2019 is such a treat. 


x Simba is Alive! [Lion King OST] by Hans Zimmer
 x Stampede [ Lion King OST] by Hans Zimmer ; o ; HEARTBREAK INTENSIFIES 
x Hakuna Matata [Lion King OST] by Hans Zimmer 
x Anything Could Happen - Ellie Goulding {Re}listen
x Iloveyourcheek - Cherry Coke
x Honeysea - Ivoris
x Moon, 12:04 AM - offonoff 
x Konro - All Eyes on Me 
x Bella Notte (Found a new orchestra rendition that I like. I think I like it more than the wedding version) 

November Favorites


x Gigi likes pets now.
x Chubby also seems to like her Ikea bed. When I bring her carrots in bed for breakfast. She’s still shedding and her butt is getting bigger 


x Passed my exam! Need to prepare for my second exam then I can be an intern :3 
x Got my art portfolio up. It’s not pretty but it’s there lol 
x Personalized Disney Bracelet :3 
x Toothy Tomato eating all of my anxiety and stress and chasing my nightmares away :3 
x Kevin Richardson videos :3 #savelions My favorite lion is Icarus :D ()
x Sailor Moon Gachapon in the closest Game Stop near my area! I love the whole cameo pins/keychain. I never got any repeats in the first 3 tries. I think I might go back at the end of the month to to try and get Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus. Tokens were $2.99 each. 
x Neosporin > Bandaid 
x Unicorn slippers I found @ Walmart for $5 

x Attempted to make friendships but I guess if it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be. 

November Favorites


x Period. That’s a monthly unfavorite. Well except for the part where I am not pregnant. That’s the happy part. The suffering. Not so much. 
x Forgot to get my flu shot before my insurance expired ; o ; I gotta wait til I reapply 
x Bones aching during the winter. Also old wounds hurting from the ovarian torsion surgery last year 
x Heater makes me flake and become itchy and ashy everywhere and I hate putting on lotion D: I hate lotion 

x Tippi Hedren’s memoir chapter about her lion Neil. I can not get behind talking shit about a lion, who you lived with and then shoot him, and then on top of that, talk shit about him when he’s already dead and he’s an animal who can’t defend himself. Like if you take on a lion, you should know from the very beginning, he’s a lion. And it’s suicide mission to try and tame him. He’s a wild animal. He operates on instincts. There’s no “remorse gene” in the equation. They are not humans. You’re either a threat or you’re not. Hell, even lions fight amongst themselves and they walk away with injury. What do you expect to a human when there’s suddenly conflict. I like the naive angle and tone a little bit better, but I don’t like the choice of words which was “stupid” when describing the experience with Neil. I’m not trying to say someone’s memoir is bad,or her daughter’s mauling was minor pain, but if you decide to publish, people have the right to react to it. This article was probably 3 years old, or it could be recent, because Google has been recommending lion stuff for me ever since I’ve watched a lot of lion stuff on Youtube. I did like the part where they gave details where Neil’s trainer divulged information on how to adjust around a lion. And I think they did that as a family pretty well for years. But that’s the only thing you can do around a lion. To “adjust.” You can’t own him just because you’re human and you think you’re on top of the food chain. Sure it could also be due to nostalgia about Paradise lost (Making a post solely dedicated to this one; that’s for another post). As Kevin Richardson has said in a lot of his posts, being with a lion is a “humbling experience.” I hope Google doesn’t terminate my blog for having an opinion in this matter. Because I like to think of the internet as a void as I did when I was 13 years old. It was this void where you could yell whatever you want to make your chest feel lighter, and the void doesn’t yell at you back to correct you like it does now. But yeah, I’m really let down. Tippi Hedren was one of my favorite muse of Alfred Hitchcock, more than I did Grace Kelly. I’m happy she’s an animal activist now and I know she was just describing how that experience of hers shaped her, but I still couldn’t fully agree with that particular chapter so I had to talk about it here. Apologies are my own. They can be as important or as unimportant as you wish. 

x Some guy on ig making fun of shooting Dumbo. I took it personally D: Never taking that shit as a joke. My serious personality won’t let me. 

x First Ulta Return. My Ulta Advent Calendar had been opened. There were nail polish marks and lipsticks everywhere. And one of the clear glosses had a black spot inside it D: Had to immediately return. First Advent experience for me has been ruined ; o ; 

x Diamond Lashes were glued too tight. I ruined my first pair and now I’m scared to try and use the rest. Going to go see if my local Japanese grocery store has sho-bi lashes for the lower lashes 

x Threw up on the first day of my period because I popped a tylenol on an empty stomach D: I used to be able to do that without getting any reaction. Maybe my stomach is getting older. Or maybe I need to switch to alleve gels. Food poisoning on Thanksgiving round 2 is also a non-favorite. 

x Blocked this dude on ig who felt entitled to get laid and accused me of being rude after I replied to ‘Hey’ with a ‘Hey’ 
Who the FUCK is rude if they say hi back to you? 

Hope your November was great! 

Take care, 

November Favorites

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