First Declutter


First Declutter

First Declutter I ever did for my makeup collection was about five years ago when I was 21. It was a bunch of Maybelline lipsticks and old nail polishes that have started to separate. I wish I documented it, but decluttering wasn’t a big thing back then. I would have liked to re-purpose the lipsticks as cream blushes, but unfortunately, I tend to break out using cream blushes. And cream blushes also tend to take my base off, so I couldn’t have done anything but to declutter it. That was undocumented so this is the documented declutter. 

So we’re going to do Lush today. I know, I know it’s really gross. Because organic stuff has to be consumed between 3 weeks to 6 months. They have faster expiration dates. I’ve had these guys for 3 years. Super gross. But I haven’t seen anything grow out of it with lots of legs. So we’re in luck. Still not gonna open it because we never know if something might jump out. So for safety reasons, I’m only showing you the outside part. 

LUSH make up never did well. I gave them a try because my lifestyle three years ago was a fitness addict, who was transitioning to clean brands, along with a vegan diet. 

I fell off the wagon, doing light walks now instead of lifting weights and doing yoga. The vegan diet was too extreme for me. I should have started with a vegetarian diet first, although to be fair, I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life because I don’t really fancy meat all that much. I still need it because I can’t find any plant-based products to sufficiently replace meat. I don’t eat meat for pleasure. I do it because my system couldn’t handle it. My body could never adjust to it. I like vegans that are more understanding of how their chosen diet is not for everyone. Shame on the bad examples of vegans, who think they’re better than people who couldn’t successfully transition to a plant-based diet. Because if God himself said it was okay to consume animals after the Flood, what gives you a higher authority than God, as a judge-y vegan??? 

Sorry, I went off on a tangent, but that was the only reason why I gave them a try even though a lot of people did agree that it wasn’t Lush’s best line that they’ve released.  And I think a lot of brands that claim to be clean, and I think the general consensus also agrees, that vegan brands are really expensive and most of them don’t work. Price is not worth it, at this point in time. Maybe in the future, yes. 

Getting really nostalgic in writing this post. My first ever, toner. I loved this little guy, I wanted to save him up forever. Even the preserved roses wilted and turned black though. He’s only about $1.50 or something when I bought him. Shipping was really expensive at the time because I don’t think I had a LUSH established yet near me. Now that I think about a steam toner is quite expensive if you add it up for a month or even a year. Glad, I got to give it a try. I hope they didn’t discontinue him. 

And the third item is a sample. I never really liked coconut scents. So I didn’t get to use this up. I did appreciate LUSH for giving me a good amount of samples back in the good old days. Now they changed the container to a smaller one. Like how it’s the mini version of the bigger containers though. I sort of stopped shopping at LUSH because there was this mean employee who tried to give me crumb samples. I used to get my samples filled up to the brim. Maybe it was the new store policy. Anyway, I couldn’t test out the stuff for a week. It was only for one use and I couldn’t really tell from that amount if I wanted the full size. And I was a loyal customer of LUSH for quite some time because of the nice sample policy they had. It worked really well when I was beginning to get into skincare and Korean skincare. 

First Declutter

First Declutter

First Declutter

First Declutter

First Declutter

Oh well, there are other things to try. 


I also decluttered nail polishes that were too dry and no longer pretty to take photos of so I'm just gonna go ahead and list them down:

x Taupe To Go - Sally Hansen Insta-Dri (Only had this for less than a year and it dried up. Not going to repurchase this line even though I love the shades)
x Slick Slate - Sally Hansen
x Diamond Shine Base & Top Coat - Sally Hansen
x Adore-a-ball - Essie (Weird black spots started showing up at the bottom. Does anyone else have this problem with their nail polish? It looks unsafe to put on your nails)
x Ladylike - Essie
x Fiji - Essie ♡
x Ladies Who Lunch - Defy 
x Go Ginza - Essie ♡
x Barefoot in Barcelona - OPI ♡
x Wasa-Be With You - Wet N Wild (Too sheer and runny. Formula is not good. )
x Limo-Scene (Another black little soot showing up at the bottom. Not sure if it's bacteria or what o _ o)
x In Nude-Tral - Sally Hansen ♡
x ORLY Won't Chip Top Coat - (Brownish color at the bottom. Not sure if it's from other polish or it's another creature growing in there) 

I put hearts next to the light pastel nail polish that I liked. It has sentimental value but I can't keep it anymore for safety reasons. Might repurchase in the future? I really liked Go Ginza and Fiji for when I adored having short nails three years ago. 

What are your favorite LUSH products? Were there ever LUSH products you had to declutter too? 

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