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Without further fuss or delay, here are the stuff I loved in August. Also, mainly just a chronicle diary of what happened the whole month. I'm working on getting my book reviews done too. I think I'll have four or five that I'll probably have up in either October or November ♡♡♡

Top Spiffy Stuff that I enjoyed in the hot month of August are:

x Picking up my old 3DS XL to play Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness 
x Early Halloween October socks: Pumpkins are my fav
x Artemis Palette (Metropolis Dupe) 



x Made an order for my first holographic nail polish, confetti strips polish topper, and four glowy blushes :D Stuff that’s been missing from my collection. 

x Elf blush and highlight duo $3 in Spiced Apple (It is the perfect peachy brown)

x Elf Srsly Satin in Nectar 

x Kiko Milano single shadow in 209 (Champagne)

x Elf Runway Ready Lip Palette (Got it as a free gift along with the Elf hand sanitizers)

x ILNP in the shade Chelsea (First purchase and I love it :3 It’s a pretty holographic rose gold color)

x Sally Hansen Mixture Perfect (Confetti nail polish)

x New hair clips (pink, black, and white)

x Maybelline Lifter Gloss in Stone (Packaging looks like KKW without the price tag) 

x No crimp clips (in black, pink, and white)

x Masks paired with simple summer dresses is such a look plus the mask makes your eye make up pop even more and gives you this cool alluring vibe (not romanticizing the pandemic at all, just one of the good things of 2020 that I noticed while running errands)

x Artemis Palette by Alter Ego (I can’t believe their headquarters is in my city. It’s so awesome :D Fallen in love head over heels with this palette’s color story)

summer favorites



x Anna Akana’s video ft. Julie Nolke  as God was so funny! I love it! 

x Anna Akana How to Date: Pandemic Edition | The stuff about serial killers was too funny and relatable. So true. Women prepare to go on dates hoping they won’t get murdered. And it’s no different from the pandemic - only this time you die from the virus 


x Booktuber Leonie (The Book Leo) I can’t get over how pretty she is!!! And she’s so funny too! 

x Michelle’s Everyday Glamour | She lives in my state I think and that’s so cool because I think everyone I watch is always from some place far away

x Jade the Libra | Her whole channel is dedicated to spooky stuff! I love it :3 

x The Glamour Index | I love her southern accent :D 

x James Frank 16 Personalities | I love watching the INTJ part 

x  American Duchess | I love learning about period dress anatomy 

x Revisiting old favorites: Wengie & Kandee Johnson 

x Kelli Marissa nail & vlog channel 

x Kat Isabella Moon | My best friend’s blog has a lot of freshly made content! She designs and codes her own theme and she has amazing Pinterest adverts! Please check her out :D 

This isn’t a definitive list btw. There’s definitely more. I’ll definitely add more in September. 


x Matcha with Red mung beans and herbal jelly from Sharetea 

x Cinnabon with frosting (I’m a cinnamon person now ever since I found out about it being  an antiviral and antibacterial spice ingredient)

x Garlic parmesan boneless wings  

x BBQ (Mama Bear has perfected the street food taste) with apple juice

x Xiao Pao + Egg roll

x Nilaga (bone broth soup with potato and bak choy) 

x Spam musubi with rice/soft taco shell and Cholula and eggs 

x Making my own matcha drink at home with creamer + ice using a manual whisk 

x Peach tea with Aiyu jelly 

x Pumpkin Cold Brew (THE HYPE IS REAL) | I remember trying the Pumpkin spice latte in college and I was underwhelmed. But this one I really like. I wish my system could handle caffeine, because if it did, I would order this every single day. I’ll just get it every week. 

x Wild Roots | Yogurt chips / droppings taste sooo good 


x Converting clicks on Pinterest feels good. It’s not a lot but it’s better than getting tons of impressions with no one clicking or saving it like before 

x Getting most of my reviews up :D 

x Getting 2k - 3k views more than usual | My daily views are pretty up high and it makes me pretty happy :) 

x Getting Facebook likes and views (My notifications are wonky for some reason and I can’t see everything but thank you for liking and viewing!) 


x A Thousand Beginnings and Endings by Ellen Oh | Can’t wait to do a review of this. Fav story is definitely the one with hungry ghosts 

x Paris Wife by Paula McLain | Reading about Fitzgerald’s rival. Never thought that day would arrive 

x The Spending Secrets of 66 Pilly Lane by Elena Paige | I know not a lot of people left this book a good review, but from what I can read thus far, it just gives me Ghibli vibes 

x Queen’s Peril by E.K. Johnston (Audiobook from Chirp) | I have a crush on Padme ; o  ; 


x Suponjibobu Anime Ep #1: Bubble Bass Arc (Original Animation) by Narmark | Sooo good :D I kinda cried a little


x 21 days together ft. Vivien Leigh  | I wanna make a film review of this but I gotta select some cool footage first 


x Finally got un-stuck at PMD: Explorers of Darkness. I love the Pixel artwork in this game and I’m glad I don’t have to drop it. I’m on Chapter 5 now. I had a hard time navigating around stuff but I finally got the hang of it. Can’t wait to finish the game. I’m on silver ranking now :3 WOO HOO 

#films (anime)

x Reaction to latest Khara Studio reveals: New angels are super cute + Mari wielding the Eiffel tower to destroy the AT Field was awesome! So excited for Eva 3.0 + 1.0



x Chubby always being so sweet 


x Halidon Music - Best of Swing Jazz 


x Celebrating Dad ’s birthday. My mom cooked and we also had ice cream cake :D 

x Remembering Bubbles (Our lion-head rabbit from last year)

x Finding my pumpkin mug! 

x Seeing mostly everyone comply to mask mandate 

x I think I finally completed my nail polish collection. I have bright pops of colors (bright bubble gum pink and bright blue)+ autumn colors (olive green, mustard, red brick, true shimmering green)

x Pandemic purse (mask, alcohol spray, hand sanitizer) | Makes me feel like I have my life together 

x Went from Double Zero to Size 2 :3 I’m still in the XS category but it would be nice to actually fit the petite sizes in size 4 or 6 | I actually a reason to shop now for new clothes because my old clothes are starting to feel a little tight | I’m just waiting for stuff to go on sale.

x Found pumpkin socks and pumpkin mug (Jack O Lanterns are sooo cute) |  Also ordered eyeball ribbons too |

x Elizabeth Gillies’ Guide to Hollywood Glamour & Perfect Eyeliner | Vogue Paris 

x My city dodging the Cat 4 landing 

x Taking a bunch of free courses / classes :3 

#things that made me sad

x Big Basin Redwood park damaged by the wildfire ; - ; 


x Mouth tasting bitter like medicine / Starting to feel the side effects of my meds ; o ; which is super annoying 

x Feeling blah 

x I keep falling off the No-Buy horse. I’m riding the low-buy horse again. D: 

x Feeling bored in the sweltering heat 

x Anxiety episodes made me get an X-ray and urine test and other tmi stuff 

x Not getting the second job I wanted and worked so hard for | The interview required to invest in equipments and it sucked that I couldn’t get the job | Maybe it’s time to make an OnlyFans account lol 

x One nail breaking D:

x Can’t find stuff on my Bullseye playground. Other people’s Targets are better stocked 

x Milk & Honey // I’ve Loved You Since Forever (I liked the front covers which is why I included photos of it but the story/content was disappointing)

x Cat 4 Cat 5 Hurricane landing near where I live gives me so much anxiety 

x Failed at making corndogs with mozzarella cheese inside of them . _ . Haven’t found a pre-made dough that will hold deep frying 

x Feeling moody and not wanting to edit / create content even though my viewership has never been better . _ . 

What were your August Favorites? Tell me in the comments below :D 



  1. Thank you so much for the shoutout Mari! I am glad that you've been liking my theme and my content! :) I've been loving your content as well, I love your new shop! I honestly almost didn't even want to blog at all last month, but August ended up being my most productive blogging month ever... and now that I've updated my theme a bit, I want to blog even more! Especially since I've created my new Pinterest templates!

    I totally understand not being in the mood to edit... I like editing sometimes, but sometimes it's a pain to edit everything and put it together for a post... haha.

    Kat |

  2. You're welcome Kat! I can't wait for more Autumn / Winter post from you!

    I was excited to post your screenshots for my Aug favorites! It was the only thing I wanted to post right away! And what kept me going to complete this post. I have this weird OCD thing where I have to make sure everything is from Aug 1 - 31st.

    For my intro, I was talking about being lazy about my own photographs. It was hard to not overlap contents or repeat pictures from August or a separate post. I'm sorry if my intro was confusing . _ .;;;;;

    Editing is indeed the hard part of a creative director's work. I totally understand other people now when they said they don't feel like editing.

    Here is to happy editing to us! x

    Mari xx



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