Winter Wishlist


If I posted this way too early, I'm sorry. I'm just itching for 2020 to expire. Although  I very well  know 2020 would repeat itself again if corrupt politicians and large corporations don't acknowledge climate change

 . _ .;

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On a lighter note, I've fallen in love with the color lilac again, after binge-watching the first season of 'Demon Slayer.' I can't wait for the 'Infinity Train Arc' which I think should be released by October if there aren't any delays.

  I actually already ordered the wisteria flowers, but it doesn't hurt to layer up a bit more. I think lilac is the perfect color for Winter and Spring :') And also for summer and fall.

I added other purple eyeshadows on my list (because it doesn't hurt to have more) even though I already bought The Violets by Juvia's Place from Ulta which is simply amazing for only$14! You should see it in a September Favorites post soon!

I've also missed Peppermint Mocha. I definitely need to go to Target now, while it's still September and warm where I live. Because I don't think anyone would like to go outside during the cold winter months because of Covid . _ . And I'm hoping my state wouldn't be guinea pigs for the rushed vaccine. 

I hope to see you again in the next blog post!


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