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Hi everyone! Today I'm showing you a haul from Daiso that helps me study. These are study tools I use to learn beginner-level Japanese. I'll also show you my favorite online resources I have used in the past that have helped me. I also made this post to motivate me to learn Kanji, the last alphabet system out of the three Japanese writing systems.
I always get most of my study supplies and stationaries from Daiso. The ringed mini index cards are great for studying anywhere. I know we can't go to a lot of places right now, but did you know that changing rooms/environments even for a bit is helpful in making the things you are learning, stick better? For me I plan on studying in my room, have pretend conversations with my two rabbits in my sister's room, and I also plan on studying downstairs in the kitchen as well as the patio. 

I hope to expand my to-do list as I cross off more items on my current list :)

Things I've Accomplished:

x Completed learning the Hiragana chart

x Completed learning the Katakana chart

x Completed comparison chart between Hiragana and Katakana 

x Read a fable/fairy tale in Hiragana ( 'Princess Kaguya' from @crunchynihongo

x Daily immersion with Kanji characters (Instagram illustrator @visual_kanji )

x Daily immersion with common phrases/vocabulary ( Ig @dokidokicomics )

x Got started with 50 Kanji radicals with On and Kun readings 

x Common Japanese words (Tumblr illustrator @aringoaday)

Things I Still Need To Do:

x Practice stroke order for both Hiragana and Katakana chart (elementary grid - duck notebook)

x Practice stroke order on iPad Gen 2 with Apple Pencil (Procreate)

x Conversational Japanese Audio book for 90 days (still on day 4 . _ . ;;;)

x Fill out my Campus notebooks from Kinokuniya 

x 1,000 kanji characters ( mini green index card with metal ring x10)

x 500 words vocabulary (mini green index card with metal ring x5 )

x Continue playing Love Language - (desktop game @Steam) 

x Create a chart for characters that look awfully similar 

Daiso Haul:

x Green tea - Best green tea in the market :3  The bold flavors help with my concentration when it's starting to fade. I use this sparingly though because tea can also be diuretic. So I (I've recycled it as my daily water bottle because it's too pretty to throw away. It also has a  Haiku near the bottom). Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Your brain loves water. 

x Green Flashcards with ringlets - Flashcards/index cards are a must! 

x Any cute notebook - I don't know about you, but having cute school supplies always increases my productivity mode by 200%. Probably even higher. 

Favorite Japanese Beginner Resources: 

x Tofugu 

x Crunchy Nihongo 

x JapanesePod101 | JapanesePod101 Channel 

x Duolingo 

I also have a shop @ Gumroad. They are a lot of study printables designed to help you become more organized and be consistent in your studying! I hope it helps! Please leave me a star rating if you enjoyed any of the products that I have made. Type $0 to get the freebies for free. Or you could also pay it with the suggested amount and help support me (the creator). 

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