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Hi everyone! I'm sorry for being behind in posting beauty-related stuff. I was working hard last week to get my shop up on Gumroad. If you haven't seen it yet, I'll add links to some of the various printables I made at the end of the post. All the items in my shop are currently 50% off for its grand opening :3 

Use the code 'mari50'  for 50% off your purchase. Please leave me a star rating if you enjoyed the products.

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Anyway, on to the post! These are the items I couldn't resist purchasing. So long, No-Buy horse. It was really hard to hop back on the No-Buy horse, so I went back to Low-Buy this summer. I'm not sure what I am going to do for my resolutions next year. I feel like I should face the music and accept that I could only do No-Buy for 6 months and the rest of the year, 6 months of Low-Buy. 

But I really want to complete the challenge, so I'll be trying No-Buy again next year! With Covid, I feel like everyone's turned to retail therapy and I don't judge them one bit. And let this be a lesson to me, that Low-Buys actually accumulate and turn into big purchases; o ; 

Most of the stuff I bought was pink or translucent and really pleasing to the eyes. I felt like with the grim news I had to process every day since March, I've started to crave shiny, and shimmery kinds of things lately. Or really, bright pops of colors. 

I haven't included everything here, so the last stuff I get you'll probably see in a September Favorites. 

Freebies: Gratitude Diary with Leopard Inspired Print Confetti | Pink moon with Foliage Habit Tracker

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  1. I love the look of that Artemis palette! So pretty!

    Katie May |

    1. Yes, it's very pretty! Aww thanks so much Katie May! :) I hope you're having a lovely evening/morning whenever you get to read this reply x



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