What's in my Purse? | Pandemic Edition | 2020



What's in my purse?

x #1 light portable armor - a mask (I have one in grey and black)
x Germ X
x Isopropyl Alcohol in a mini translucent spray bottle 70%+
x Phone
x Wallet 
x Shades 

All portable wires/chargers are in the glove compartment. Umbrellas and raincoats are in the car as well. There are also extra masks stashed in the car as well.

What's in your purse? Please tell me in the comment section below :D



  1. Those are such cute masks! I also have similar items in my purse. I also keep a mini pouch with beauty necessities like tinted lip balm, q-tips and hand cream. I love a good favorites post. Nail polish is a real game changer! That scary pumpkin mug is so cute! ♥


    1. Hi Mooeyandfriends, thanks for stopping by :) Thank you! I got them from Everyday Olive at Etsy! They are very cute indeed! I love what's in your purse too :D! I'm always curious about what people carry in their purse so thank you for sharing. I should remember to also put a hand cream on my bag, as I've noticed my hands kept getting dryer and flakier every time I sanitize my hands every time I go out x Hope you're having a wonderful day!



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