Book Sample Review: Star Wars Thrawn Ascendancy | Book II: Greater Good by Timothy Zahn


Hi, guys welcome to the second sample review of the Thrawn trilogy books by Timothy Zahn. I started this series of reviewing samples because books can be quite expensive, even when you unhaul them (resell them as preloved items to discounted bookstores), it just decelerates even faster than the value of a car. So, I made this series to see which books would be worth the time and money to read.

Cover. I said I liked the cover for Book I, but this one, this one I fell in love with. I like the whole spiral thing going on because it reminds me of the openings in James Bond scenes where you look into the barrel of the gun. 

Novel Timeline. There's an outline that includes Rogue One, High Republic, and Solo, etc. Thrawn's trilogy falls into the category of the Attack of the Clones. 

Dramatis Personae. Here we can see the names of the main players, the Chiss nine ruling family names, the family ranking, the political hierarchy as well as their roles, and military ranking. 

Epigraph. We get a small introduction of the Chiss so that the readers can get a glimpse of the theme of the book. It's a nice way of setting the tone of the book and easing the reader into slipping into the reality that is the Chiss Empire. 

Chapter One. I'm not as interested in modern-day happenings but that's entirely my fault because I haven't seen Rebels yet. 

Memories I. This is my favorite part of how the whole book is structured. It's too bad we only get one section of this for this sample. We usually get a couple. 

Chapter Two. I can only say the same thing as I did in Chapter One. Also, it's been a hot minute since I last read this (about 6 months ago). 

Chapter Three. Did it past the last sentence check? Yes. So that's gonna be me reading Book I & II, definitely. I wanted to flip the page as soon as I finished reading the last word, and unfortunately, that's where the sample ends.

That's it for me today you guys. I'll see you in my sample review for Book III. Let me know what you thought of Book II: Greater Good by Timothy Zahn. So far, I'm loving it. Thanks for reading! Take care xx


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