Creepy Cat by Cotton Valent Vol. 1



Morning everyone! How is your April going so far? Mine has been going pretty good. I hope yours is too. Anyway, I hopped on here to talk about “Creepy Cat” by Cotton Valent! I don’t remember how I came across it. But I’m pretty sure it’s Mehsi from Twirling Book Princess’s GoodReads or blog. She always has good recommendations and I love the different posts that she does for books like “first chapters” or “first sentences.” She always makes me want to read hundreds of books, but I can’t because I’m such a slow reader lol. 

I’m gonna go ahead and copy and paste what I wrote on Amazon and GoodReads for Volume One: 

⭑ ⭑ ⭑ ⭑ ⭑ 

I love the gothic art style!!!! It’s sooo pretty!!! I wish I had Flora’s spooky wardrobe fits 🖤 Their daily adventures are so fun, it’s like GHIBLI but in spooky format 🌙

I wish I could talk more about it at length but then there’d be spoilers. I’m about to write stuff for Volume 2! Be on the look out for it! Also please check out my Tiktok (Click the Rebel Alliance icon above and on the right side of my profile) as I plan on posting #booktok there as well! Thanks for reading! Bye! Take care xx 


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