Book Sample Review: Star Wars Thrawn Ascendancy | Book I: Chaos Rising by Timothy Zahn



Hey guys. Welcome back to another book sample review. Where we judge the first three chapters of the book and see if we're going to continue reading the book by either adding it to cart, or looking for it at the library. Did I enjoy the sample? Yes. I did. Will I pick up the entire trilogy? Please stick around wait for the review for Book II & Book III. I'll have those up after this post. 

Cover. That is the most gorgeous cover I've ever seen in my entire life. I need to display this on a floating shelf once I have it. 

Timeline. There's a table included for the timeline with the prequels and sequels and I think it's really helpful to see where Thrawn fits in the timeline of the Star Wars universe. 

Prologue. I don't know much about the Chiss species, but I like how this book opens with an exposition that doesn't feel clunky. You get a glimpse of what their species are like and how they operate. I thought this was great for people like me who haven't fully seen Star Wars: Rebels. 

Memories. This is my favorite part of the entire sample. I think when I do go ahead and pick up my copy of this book, I'm going to be reading through the Memories first before the Chapters. Memories is obviously as you can grasp from the title is about Thrawn's memories of his past. 

Chapter One. This is where the action part happens or where the present-day happens. Not much excitement happens, but we get to see how Thrawn gathers information and acts around his commanders and generals. 

Memories II. I like how Thrawn is painted as someone impressive and gifted and talented, but it also hints about his vulnerabilities. 

Chapter Two. I love the last sentence for this chapter because it's what confirmed my decision in thinking "Yes, I definitely need to read this.

And that's it for me today. I hope you guys check out what I think for Book II & III soon! What did you think of Book I: Chaos Rising by Timothy Zahn? Comment below!Thank you for reading. Take care! xx


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