Book Sample Review: Star Wars Thrawn Ascendancy | Book III: Lesser Evil by Timothy Zahn



Hi guys. Welcome back to the third sample review of the Thrawn trilogy. Will I be picking up the third book of the Thrawn Ascendancy line? Yes, most definitely. So will I read all three books? That's a resounding yes. I loved the writing style, the pacing, the character study, the inner dialogues, the external dialogues, and the mind chess games. All of it. 

Cover. So gorgeous!!! I love how it looks like shattered stained glass from a Cathedral window. It is so pretty. 

Timeline. Outline where Thrawn's timeline fits in the vast Star Wars universe. 

Dramatis Personae. Family aristocracy, political, and military rankings of the Chiss Ascendancy. So you can get an idea of how their system works. 

Epigraph. Short paragraph to set the tone and mood of the book. 

Prologue. I remember having a hard time plowing through this, but that's probably because I didn't care for the current character's inner dialogue. It was a character I don't know much about. 

Chapter One. This one is really interesting. A lot of action happened as well as mind games. And it reminded me a lot of Succession and about who pulls the winning hand during very tense situations. 

Memories I. Out of all the Memories chapters that we got so far (from the samples) this is my absolute favorite. Here we see Thrawn admiring and studying art from the Mitt collection. I don't know if this is from Rebels (Only seen a few episodes with Ahsoka and Captain Rex) or the other novelization of Thrawn but this memory reminded me of my favorite quote from Thrawn:

To defeat an enemy, you must know them. Not simply their battle tactics, but their history… philosophy… arts. — Grand Admiral Thrawn

Chapter Two. The female character in this chapter reminds me a lot of Sabine Wren for some reason. I liked it. 

Will I be reading this in Kindle format or print? I don't know yet. I feel like it's faster for me to read via kindle because of how easy it is to annotate and store my annotations, as well as look up words I may not know, faster with the embedded dictionary. Print, on the other hand, can be so relaxing, and therapeutic when you actually hold the book. So, I don't know. I'm pretty torn. And then there's the matter of whether or not I want it as paperback or hardcover. I'm a paperback gal all the way through, but there's just something about how grand the covers are, that I feel the need to have it as a hardcover (maybe just for display - a cloud shelf I saw at Target in particular). Hardcovers are just really heavy for my tiny wrist and that's why I prefer for most of my books to be in a paperback edition. Anyway, if I were rich, and me and my wallet are besties, I would definitely pick it up in Kindle format, paperback, and hardcover all at the same time! So that means I'll have like a total of nine copies with me. 

What do you guys think? Will you be reading the trilogy via digital or print? Comment below! Thanks for reading! Take care xx 

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