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Hey guys! I’m here to share with you my current hair care routine. I wanted to post something like this when my hair was still blonde so I could share the products that I used to help restore my damaged hair and what helped me to keep it looking healthy. But I just never got around to finishing that post. However, you can look through my “Empties” post and you’ll be able to see which brands I used for my bleached/colored hair era. Spoiler alert: It’s mostly Joico and Tsubaki hair masks. 

So now my hair is back to its natural color: black and straight. It’s no longer dry and thirsty. My problem now is that it gets too greasy and flat easily in between washes. Before I go on, I do want to disclose that none of the products below are sponsored or affiliated. If that changes, I will let you know. Target’s not paying me to say nice things and neither are the other brands mentioned.  I just love them and they work for me. 

My holy grail is definitely the SGX NYX Abracadabra Invisible Styling Oil. I bought so many backups after it looked like they were going to be discontinued. They originally retail for $6, but I bought them for around $3 when it looked like they were gonna get taken off the shelf forever. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like they went through with that decision. And the last time I checked my Target app, it’s still there and the price remained the same at $6. If you’re a red card holder, I know you can get 10% off your purchase or just use their coupons whenever they’re having a promo. 

I love the Ouia Wave Spray Ondulation to add a little bit of texture. And the fragrance just always boosts my mood after I hop out of the shower. I just spray some on my hand and scrunch it up from the tips of my hair all the way to the base of my neck. I either do that or use a brush and spray it on there and then brush my hair gently with it. Be careful with wet hair that you don’t stretch it out though when you meet resistance. Just start at the tip and work your way up. Another way I like to wear fragrance is just using a body mist and using it as a hair mist as well. I do the same thing with the hairbrush. I just spray it with Cloud Musk or Wood Elixir (sometimes I combine both) from Mix Bar and just brush my hair with it. 

For in-between washes, I like to use Odele Dry Shampoo. It reminds me of Oscar Blandi with the lemon scent that they used to have. Odele is fainter and doesn’t linger, and I really like that about it because over the years I’ve developed a sensitivity to heavy fragrances, so it’s really nice that they made it friendly to users who are also not a big fan of knock-out fragrances in products. I use the Odele for the first two days of not washing my hair because I prefer something lighter on those days. They are also a black-owned business brand, so please show support to them by giving their products a try. I think you’ll really love đź’• them. And then I use the Colab Dry Shampoo for when I’m hitting the third or fourth day. This one smells like cherry and it’s a bit more masking, especially if you’re really stretching out the days in-between washing your hair. It is a bit sticky though. I switched to Colab from Batiste because this one doesn’t have a white residue. But I’d like to try a different scent from them in the future. The pink flamingos got me though because they’re so cute to look at. 

Another holy grail that I have for you guys is the Monday Volume Conditioner. I just love how it smells like fresh gardenias just like the one from my mom’s garden. I always get happy when it’s time to coat my hair with this. I think the packaging of light pink is really pretty. And the naming of the brand is genius. Like if your end up loving it, you’re gonna say to everyone “I love Monday!” And if you end up not liking it, you’ll end up saying “I hate Monday!” and no one would be none the wiser because everyone will just assume that you’re talking about a regular, old Monday. They have a bigger version at Sam’s Club, but I think they only have the Smoothing one for that size, and I haven’t seen a bigger size for the Volume line. Anyway, this product is so hydrating and softening, that I don’t even need to add a hair mask product to my routine. 

I use the T/Gel shampoo from Neutrogena as a clearing shampoo, and to help with my seborrheic dermatitis skin s condition. It’s when I sweat and then the edges of my scalp get really red and irritated. So I treat it with this shampoo along with a prescription of hydrocortisone cream. I mentioned this product in one of my “skincare” posts. (Edit: I dilute the T/Gel with water so that it doesn’t  overwhelm my scalp. I use about a nickel size when I drop and mix it with water inside a pitcher). 

I have a lot of holy grail products in this post. Here’s another one coming at cha: At number one, is the Charcoal and Bergamot Shampoo from Love, Beauty, and Planet. I love earl grey tea and bergamot is one of my favorite scents ever. It just soothes my soul. I just recently emptied this one, but I have a backup that I’m waiting to use. Currently using up the yellow one with coconut oil and ylang-ylang. 

As always if something isn’t photographed, I’ll link to you the post where I’ve mentioned it before. The Miniso Glitter Hair Brush and the T3 Rose Gold Hair Dryer are in one of my December favorites posts, so I’ll be sure to leave a link for you to check it out. 

This post is almost done, but before I go, I guess I do want to cover the question of whether or not I’ll be branching out to trying different products once I’ve used these guys up. Well, the likely answer is, no. I don’t think I want to try new stuff when I have so many good products that are already within my reach. I hope they never get discontinued or have a price hike. I am curious about the Function of Beauty volumizing hair masks. But that’s like an extra step that I don’t really need at the moment. Once my hair is fully long again, where it reaches my hips. Then yeah, I think a hair mask would be nice to reintegrate into my routine again. Also, would like to note that leave-in conditioner sprays don't work on me. They drag my hair down and give it a heavy, sticky feeling that I don't like. I've tried both high-end and drugstores and I can't seem to find any that I like. I did hear a lot of rave reviews for Eva NYC and I'm kinda curious about that too. I love how the colors are purple and neon green which reminds me of Evangelion. I might try the small sample that they sell at Target just to give it a whirl though. 

P.S. I still have this giant Nexxus Rose Gold Comb-thru Medium Hold Hair Spray bottle for when I used to curl my hair years ago. I haven’t done that in a while and it’s still in my possession. Oh man, now that I think about it, I used to have more hair stuff like some Edwardian era girl lol. I used to have heat protectant, but now I don’t add stuff like that to my hair because it would just end up gunking it up and I honestly prefer heatless waves now like putting my hair up in a space bun. But on the occasion that I do want my curls to last the aforementioned product is what I use. I’m sorry it’s not pictured. But I’ll edit this post again soon for any updates. 


  • Salon Grafix SGX NYC Abracadabra Invisible Styling Oil (Five Oil Blend: Baobab oil, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, and Jojoba Oil) 
  • Ouai  Wave Spray Ondulation
  • Colab Dry Shampoo (Amazing Oil Absorption Without Residue)
  • Odele Dry Shampoo with Plant Proteins + 100% Natural Fragrance 
  • T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo Extra Strength by Neutrogena 
  • Mix Bar Body Mist: Cloud Musk & Wood Elixir 
  • Monday Volume Conditioner
  • Love Beauty and Planet - Charcoal and Bergamot - Sulfate Free Shampoo
  • T3 Rose Gold Hair Dryer 
  • Miniso Glitter Hair Brush 

Thanks for sticking with me to the very end of this post! Take care xx 

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