♡ February Favorites ♡


+ Pink hair towel - fast absorbing and soft
+ Say it ain’t Soho by Essie - my very first collaboration and pr packaging! unboxing + review coming soon!
+ Post Pink Valentine’s Sale - pink cotton candy and pink make up under $10
+ Target Mini Haul - bought 3 make up i’ve been dying to get my hands on under $20 with a gift card given to me by mama bear

Pink hair towel - fast-absorbing and soft

I use to use an ex’s old shirt to dry my hair because I heard that any old shirt is perfect for not being rough with your hair. But after i found this at my local daiso, I’ve completely switched over. It’s just as gentle and dries my hair faster. Reducing prep time before I put oil and serums on the ends of my hair. 

Say it ain’t Soho by Essie 

My very first collaboration and PR packaging! Unboxing + Review coming soon! I got this as my first PR package. I love everything about it. I have ve been looking for the perfect bronzy glitter polish and this is the perfect match. 

Post-Pink Valentine’s Sale 

Pink cotton candy and pink make up under $10 

x Two make up products: Nyx Candy Slick in Sugarcoated Kiss & Sally Hansen in You Glow Girl
x Two dessert Post Vday sale: Pink cotton candy for $2 from target 

I was looking for a dupe for the ‘tea and crumpet’ by essie and since I couldn’t find it anywhere I tried to dupe it with the one available to me at my local ulta which is in the shade ‘You Glow Girl.’ Has the perfect sheer nude that I like. Based on other people’s review, it shows up as a nice, fluid metallic amber on them but when i wear it, only a few flecks of amber show up. Makes me a little sad, but i will try it again using a nude base coat first to see if that makes any difference. 

I also picked up Nyx Candy Slick in Sugar Coated Kiss because the packaging reminds me so much of a magical unicorn that I just had to get it. Love how the pink showed up exactly like pink on me. That never happens. It would be either too pale or the pigmentation won’t show up at all. So it’s so nice that I could put it on top of another lip product and it gives me that mirror metallic chrome-like finish on top of another nude cream lipstick. Love this drugstore find so much. 

Overall,  this pink haul gotten me into such a spring-y mood and I love it. 

Target Mini Haul 

Bought 3 make up i’ve been dying to get my hands on under $20 with a gift card given to me by mama bear.

I picked up Rimmel's nude edition palette for $8, Wet n Wild’s $3 mellow wine single blush, and Maybelline's newest mascara release: Snapscara in black cherry for $6. I think this is going to be last drugstore haul that i do in a while. I know i’ve been in a low-buy for like 2 months and i’m really proud of that. I do want to go into a No-Buy sometime soon. but to ease the transition, I would be doing my first subscription box for like $10. A big step down from the $25 budget I’ve set aside. and from there, I could still create new and relevant content while hopefully slowly trickling into a No-Buy where I just do a make up with products full of nothing new. 

Hope you enjoy this read and I’ll see you on Monday! 

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