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✦ lazy girl’s evening skincare edition by mari 

+ clean it zero cleansing balm original by banila. co 
+ sugar kitten hydrating holographic peel-off mask by i dew care 
+ lip sleeping mask plum blossom by mamonde 
+ ketoconazole cream 2%
+ hydrocortisone cream 2.5% 
+ jade roller massager 

+ black sugar mask wash off by skin food 
+ black rabbit face towel 

clean it zero cleansing balm original by banila. co 

I use this product in conjunction with a deep cleanse snowflake whipping cleanser by Nooni. So I melt my makeup with a cleansing balm and then afterward, I go in with my foam cleanser. quite effective for waterproof mascaras and eyeliners. I like the faint herbal scent and it also comes with its own spatula. I got this from Soko glam and I suggest getting it there if you live in the US for less waiting time when it comes to shipping. Love the pink transparent packaging. this balances out the squeaky feeling I get from just using foam cleansers alone. 

sugar kitten hydrating holographic peel-off mask by i dew care 

Love using this for mild exfoliation. I use to put this all over my face but for a lazy girl’s skincare guide, I mostly focus on it now on the center of my face: so that would be the nose, chin, and slightly above the eyebrows. I have a full review [here] if you’d like to check it out. I usually wait thirty minutes before peeling it off. It feels tight while drying and kind of gives that nice facial massage feeling. It’s also very pretty as it gives off that dazzling holographic shine while you wear it around for 30 min. I also only do this once a week. I don’t recommend exfoliating more than three times a week, especially for dry skin. 

lip sleeping mask plum blossom by mamonde 

I’ve been looking for a lip balm that would actually help my super dry lips and this one actually does that! I can add a thin layer and it does a very good job of hydrating my lips. Or I could go crazy and add a lot of layers and it still sinks fast enough under my lips to be absorbed easily and I love it. I love the faint flowery scent and I am going to keep repurchasing this one.  I also use this as a lip primer before putting on matte products and it’s amazing. 

ketoconazole cream 2%

I got this from my dermatologist after I have some redness and irritation around my neck and the edges of my scalp and this one is perfect for calming down any skin flare-ups I have. I use this after I get out of the shower. I squeeze a tiny pea amount and spread it all around in the affected areas. 

hydrocortisone cream 2.5% 

I also use this for extremely aggressive flare-outs but also to calm down any giant zits on my face! I rarely get them now that I’m in my mid-twenties but I’ve noticed that every year, I would always have one month that would go awry. and that’s when a giant zit steals the show and I swear by this product! it reduced my gigantic acne within 2-3 days! I love it! 

jade roller massager 

I use to pair this up with sheet masks because it gives it such a nice spa feeling. but lately, I haven’t been into sheet masks and I found that if I use this with my fresh lotus soothing gel by the face shop, it also works just as well. love the extra cooling effect it does. this is the only anti-aging product I have for now as I am still on the hunt for the best eye cream out there. please leave me your suggestions in the comment section! I’d love to hear them! 

black sugar mask wash off by skin food 

I do this when I feel like my peel-off mask isn’t enough. mostly focus on the nose and chin area. You can either use regular water or toner to use with this product. I just usually use water and wait for 5-10 min before washing it off. Has a nice sugary and herbal scent. I also only do this once a week so you don’t have to do this every night. 

black rabbit face towel 

If you’d like another spa feeling incorporated into your skincare then I suggest using a face towel and run it along with warm water. Then use it to wipe off your cleanser and make-up. It’s a nice soothing feeling. Highly recommend and you don’t end up splashing too much water on your sink/clothes/yourself. 

And that’s it for my current skincare routine! I’ll do an update if I end up doing any major changes! For now, I’m only sampling products and haven’t really decided on the full sizes yet. 

What is your evening skincare routine like? Is it lengthy like mine is? Let me know in the comment section! 

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