What's in my Henri Bendel Make Up Bag?


Anyone else missing Bendel hard like I do? I don’t think I can ever get over the fact that they’re gone forever. I grew up with it watching Gossip Girl with Serena Van der Woodsen declare it as her favorite store in Season 1. And I loved that scene in Blair’s Dream where they mirrored ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ inside Bendel’s display window. It’s always going to be a part of of my early twenties. I have a lot of positive memories and attachment to this store. I didn’t buy a lot from that store, but I instantly became happy every time I walked inside it. Sure, I also dealt with some snooty counter ladies (not all of them were mean), but I was able to easily dismiss their catty and judgmental attitude because I love Bendel’s that much.  In my wildest dreams, I hope Bendel’s comes back, even as just an online store, or an exclusive make up brand. I’d buy everything from them. Miss the iconic brown and white stripes so much and this is my post dedicated to Bendel’s. 

First thing I want to mention about this make up bag, is that I love how it’s laminated really well. I never have to worry about it getting dirty. And yet, I can still see that it’s made of a nice material underneath the protection it’s covered with. The inside lining detail is also nice. It has the ‘HB’ logo pattern inside with the year  Bendel’s was established as well: 1895. It’s also covered in a nice plastic material. It’s not painted on. I thought that over the years that I’ve had it, I would have scratched off the logo and year pattern by now. But no. It’s amazing. It looks brand new, just like the day I ordered it online four years ago. The zipper also has a keychain logo attached to it. The logo and the year hangs  inside a silver circle written in an art deco font. 

Opening the bag, you can see that I can fit quite a lot in it. The bag retains its shape despite me chucking a lot of products inside it. I am able to fit in 12 products inside it. I would usually put just a quad inside my cosmetic bag, but I’ve been more comfortable carrying medium sized palettes this year. 

+ powder4room make up powder fix in yellow 
+ milani soft and sultry palette 
+ pony effect seoul cushion foundation in buff 
+ naked urban decay flushed 

+ wet n wild photofocus primer dewy 
+ maybelline fit me! shine-free balance foundation 

+ wet n wild concealer in medium peach 
+ mac kinda sexy matte lipstick 
+ the face shop eyebrow pencil in brown 
+ urban decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil in demolition 
+ original dolly wink in black 
+ maybelline snapscara in black cherry 

This year, I’ve been really into sheer and smoky make up, so the only lipstick I carry on my bag is a nude lipstick to go with everything. I also only focus on bronzers this year as well over blush. Also I don’t have any brushes with me. I just mostly use my cushion puff and I’m good to go. I will say tho, that my favorite part of my make up bag right now is the snapscara by Maybelline. I love the formula, the shape of the wand, and the subtle colors at the tip of my lashes. Reminds me of Burberry, an autumnal kind of vampy kind of color. 

What’s your make up bag like? List them in the comment section or leave me a link on your blog post! I’d love to check them out.

Once a Bendel Girl, Always a Bendel Girl xo

See you, in the next post! 

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  1. Gosh I wouldn't have thought that bag was 4 years old as it looks brand new! I love how sleek and mininalist it is. What is urban decay flushed like? Is it good? I need a new highlighter!

  2. Hi Lizzie c: ! Thank you for stopping by!

    IKR! I love this make up bag! The quality is superb! I love Urban Decay Flushed! It looks so flattering on the skin!
    I think you'll like like the highlighter in this one! It isn't too warm or too cool toned.

    Mari ♡ xx



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