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i’ve talked about this product in my morning and evening skincare regime. you can check that post [here].  i overall enjoyed using this product. i like the mild powdery scent and the minimal packaging design. parts that i didn’t enjoy so much are: 

x the white packaging that easily gets dirty - my blue nail polish actually left a mark at the front + the sticker at the back was falling apart and the dirty, sticky bits  part was a pain to take off (tip: soak it in olive oil for 3 hours and try removing sticker again) 
  x the price for the length of time the product lasts - $16 for 3-4 months of use just doesn’t seem to be worth it. i’ve tried japanese cleansers that are way cheaper  ($5) and lasts for at least 6 months. 
x doesn’t remove my eye make up completely: i would have to go in with my toner and cotton pad to clean up mascaras and eyeliners that the foam cleanser missed. 

i purchased this at ulta at their k-beauty section. if you’re looking to try something new for your skincare routine to change it up a bit or you just like the simple packaging, then of course, you should go for it. i just grabbed this because i was running out of my old foam cleanser and couldn’t be bothered to drive to the other side of town. 

repurchase? yes |   [ no ] 


i liked this product as a toner, but i wouldn’t recommend it as a substitute for micellar water or make up wipes. i tried this when i was too lazy to remove my make up and just go straight to bed, but a couple of days later, i ended up having mini break outs in doing that. so i highly suggest using this for taking off make up residue, but not as your sole cleanser on lazy days. i think this one cost me about $14 and lasted about 3 months as well. i’ve had another toner that lasted for a little bit over a year by soo ae and it only cost me $6 from walmart. 

i did enjoy the peach scent and it’s anti-oxidant properties as well as the cute clear packaging with its peachy accent. but i don’t think i’ll be able to try this again because of the price. if it does go on sale, i might add it on my cart again. but for now, i won’t be repurchasing. 

repurchase? yes |   [ no ] 



since i’m in my mid-twenties now, i rarely get break outs. but once a year, mother acne bestows a giant zit on my face on a completely random month and it takes about a couple of weeks before it completely goes away. i was lucky to put this product to the test when i had this giant zit that popped out of nowhere on my cheeks. i woke up the next day, and the zit was gone! GONE! it didn’t shrink like how i expected it to but it went a level beyond that! it didn’t even claim anywhere that it had that kind of magical power! it claimed to be ‘intensive’ and ‘skin friendly’ with ‘excellent effects’ and i 100% believe them. if i am ever on a beauty emergency situation,  like developing an unwanted zit before date night or any other important event, this is definitely the cheat product i am going to pick up! 

i bought this at ulta online for $5 to get free shipping, for a make up revolution haul  i did last year, and while i did like the immediate results it gave me, i still think it’s too expensive for the budget i’ve set aside for my beauty purchases. my go to sheet masks are always lululun and those cost me $8 for 7 sheets that i can spread for a couple of months if i do masks weekly. this could easily cost me $20 just for one month. for now i’d prefer to pick it up on occasions that i do need it. 

repurchase? yes |   no   |   [ maybe ]  

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