Review: SoPost - Say it Ain't Soho by Essie (*)


  First Gifted Product  | PR with @SoPost & @Essie | (*) 

 A metallic copper nail polish dripping in crisp amber tones (metallic). The downtown commute is so worth the traffic for a fashionable, shimmering metallic copper nail polish dripping in crisp amber tones. (metallic)

x Pretty metallic copper with amber flecks 
x Perfect for autumn and summery looks
x Instagrammable 

x Formula is not similar to Essie’s pop cult/hot item: Mojito Madness
x Longevity - chips after a couple of hours; with 3 layers it somewhat lasts longer for like a  couple of days

Nail polish is like jewelry for me. I don’t leave the house without it. So I could get away with just wearing this as an accessory and feel like it completes any outfit I throw on together. It is a very nice, glitter polish but it can look a little flat at times. The color makes up for it, but i’ve had other  glitter nail polish that adds that extra layer of dimension that makes it feel super luxurious, similarly to my favorite nail polish of all time: ‘Mojito Madness.’ My expectations may not be suitable for how I judge this product, I will say that. They may have intended to have this product to be more on the thinner or sheer formula. But I did have to mention that since that was my first impression of this nail varnish just from looking and craving it online while window shopping and while also testing out the product after I have received it. 

My favorite part of this nail polish, is the stunning color. It’s so vibrant and fresh, that i think it looks good under every lighting. From the bathroom mirror to drive-thru lighting. I enjoy holding things and feel like there's a skip on my step when wearing this product. The color also reminds me a lot of Venus' hair in Boticelli's Birth of Venus painting and also quite reminds of  the cozy, warm fairy lights during autumn. So,  I think they did  a great job with the color story of this nail lacquer as well. 

While i do enjoy the positives, the formula not being my absolute favorite is what made me give this item a 3/5 stars. I did see online tho that a lot of people gave this a 5/5 star rating. If essie re-formulates this product similar to how glossy and defined 'Mojito Madness' is, I would definitely run out the door to get my hands on this product. 

3/5 bunnies 

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