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+ wet n wild in mink brown
+ l’oreal infallible paints in spicy blush 
+ colourpop matte lux lipstick in money moves 
+ nyx powder puff lippie in puppy love 

I love how I was able to find a true brown in mink brown in Wet n Wild's affordable lip product line.  With an olive undertone on a light medium skin tone like i do, it’s a real struggle to get a color that matches you. So, this reminds me a lot of Nyx Soft Matte lip cream in Berlin and I love that one so much as well minus the fragrance. What i love about this 99 cent lipstick is that not only is it a true brown when swatched and applied on the lips, it also has this classic lipstick smell. I remember the only time i was able to wear make up as a kid would be during weddings where i would attend as a flower girl. I really like that powdery scent. I wish more lipstick smelled like that. The only detraction for this product, I would say, is that it easily moves around if you don’t set it. It’s not really a big issue for me to grab a transparent powder and lightly brush it on before heading it out. 

The L’oreal Infallible Lip Paint in Spicy Blush is an amazing amazing amazing find for me! I usually get turned off by heavy fragrances but not with this product. It smells like heavenly candy mixed with a heady apple fragrance that when I actually get some of the product inside my mouth, I don’t mind tasting the product at all. I get super happy when i get a sniff of this that I actually end up loving re-applying this whereas I would usually be opposed or annoyed to pulling out my lip products to re-apply it again.  It’s a nice peachy pink which is very friendly for those with olive undertones. 

Colourpop Matte Lux Lipstick in Money Moves is a great lip product if you’re looking for the perfect terracotta lipstick! I like how it feels like there’s nothing on my lips after putting it on. I love this and it reminds me of Bad Habit’s Broken Heart. Another nude terracotta that I love so match that I didn’t include a photo of in this post. It is in my January Favorites post and you can check it out [here]. Also, a separate post for it will be featured soon. Be on the lookout for it c: 

The Nyx Powder Puff Lippie in Puppy Love is my favorite blotted look that’s a true orange. The only orange lipstick I ever owned is a lip stain from four years ago, and that dried my lips way too much. I’m glad Nyx has been releasing a lot of lip products that are more semi-matte/semi-satin. Because I really do love matte finishes, just not the part where it dries up my skin a lot. Also, love the name for this so much. I live for make up names ever since i dipped my hand in the world of make up. 

Anyway, this curated lippies should carry you for all four seasons with the autumnal cozy brown, the pop of peachy pink for spring, a nice bronzy terracotta for summer, and another rich colour of orange for winter.  

 What kind of undertone do you have? Which products do you like best for your lips? 


+ nyx lingerie in beauty mark 
+ nyx lingerie in corset 
+ nyx liquid suede in sandstorm 
+ wet n wild in bare it all 
+ wet n wild in mocha-licious 

I think u know when a product doesn’t work for you, they all tend to look the same: muddy, grey, or an off color completely different from the swatches. And this is what these products have done for me. I always thought that the label ‘disappointing products’ always seemed harsh as an SEO keyword, but i have to admit, sometimes that frustration of wasted dollars do need to be channeled somewhere. Even if that means, you may be talking trash about someone else’s holy grail product. That being said, I hope I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings in publishing this post. I wish i could love these lip products  and be able to  repurchase them but sadly that is not the case. Which is really odd. I thought that colors with more of a deeper tone like browns would always translate the same into every skin tone, but apparently it’s similar to how nudes work as well. Where some of nude lips would look too pale or not show up at all. I’ve repurposed these lipsticks for writing encouraging things on my vanity mirror every day and that’s the only use I’ve gotten out of them thus far.  Although, I will say that I love playing with Nyx Lingerie in Corset to create a zombie kind of look with an ox-blood eyeshadow. At the time though, I didn’t like it so much because I was hoping it would be the perfect nude for me or at least a nice fawn/camel-like color. 

What kind of lip products didn’t work out so much for you? Have you found a way to use them in another way? Let me know in the comment section! 

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