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I made this series because I am a beginner at book reviews, (Currently no access to ARC - "Advanced Readers Copy") and I have no way of getting my hands on a lot of books, without spending a ton of money. I mean I do have access to a library app that I am eternally grateful for (Thank you, Libby I love you to death), but there are some items on there that are not available.  

Hence, I made this series where I can get a feel of whether or not I would be tempted to continue reading a book by going ahead in making the next step of purchasing / picking it up, judging it on the three free chapters the authors or publisher has provided on Amazon Kindle. 

My reviews for (1) samples and (2) books that I purchased with my own money are not going to be spoiler-free. I realized that it's very hard for me to make reviews without touching on certain topics, so while I label it on the title as a "Book Review", it would really be more of a "Book Analysis" or "Book Discussion." Viewers discretion on that part. As of now I only have Libby, Prime Reading, Book Bub, and Book Sirens on my utility belt. If I ever plan to do a Book Subscription or sign up for Kindle Unlimited, I will also disclose it to the readers. 

Copies of books that I've acquired through "Books Sirens" will be spoiler-free. That is a part of their policy when giving out free copies directly from the author. In exchange for a free copy of the book, it is strongly recommended that spoilers are not included so that it won't spoil the story or plot for other future readers. I am always going to label it with a hashtag, #BookSirens so you'll know that a particular review will not contain any minor or major spoilers. 

I'm sorry for the long intro, but I need to clear this up in every post. Anyway on to the review!



I was able to read this book for free from BookBub. If you don't know about BookBub, they give you daily deals on books on your favorite selected genres. I was able to get a lot of stuff from my Wish List for $1 to $2 via email. I don't remember ever paying for more than $10 on anything.

They also have an audiobook branch called Chirp. I think it's a great alternative to Audible. There's no monthly subscription, just daily deals similar to BookBub. There are a lot of titles that were on my Wish List for a cheaper price. FTC: I am not paid to say this, I just want to let my viewers know one of the sources where I get my books to review from.

Also, I'm writing this during National Book Lover's Day. So Happy Book Lover's Day to whoever's reading this :)

"No More Bad Dates" is the first book in the High Tea Series by Kate O'Keefe. I've rated this read, five stars our five. I wish I could give it more. And shower it with a confetti of stars. 

I think Kate O'Keefe is an Indie author (I'm not too sure) but I love how in this copy, there were no typos whatsoever. Zero. I think the editor and her did a great job in bringing this book together with no typos. I typically get small typos when I get my hands on free books, so I'm always wary. But I'm so happy that there were no print mistakes in my digital copy! 

The chemistry in all of the characters felt authentic and real. They feel like real people you'd interact with or watch in a television series. I love it when authors are able to produce that kind of authenticity. Because you get to care about the characters instantly and you get attached to them and be involved in their actions and thought process. 

Also, I consider myself, partly asexual (haven't really quite figured out my sexual orientation, but I digress), so most lovey-dovey stuff usually makes me cringe, but this book didn't. So if you're one of those people who don't like their romance stuff overly sweet, then this book is for you.

O'Keefe's writing style is simple yet unique. She inserts banters and humor on almost every page. And when I read something funny in most books I've read, I smile for like a nanosecond, but with her book, I find myself actually clutching my sides. 

I already know that people are going to already rate this book low, just because it's in the romantic comedy department. But it's a very well-written book. And it's the perfect, light summer read. 

The cover that she chose for this edition, is also very, very pretty and catchy. I love the vibrant colors that pop, and the vector silhouette characters. It made me want to pick up the book right away, and the fact that it's free, of course, made me want to jump on it to grab it.

Final word, as silly as this sounds, this book made me want to believe in romance again (almost, I'm still disillusioned).

You might enjoy this book if you're into any of the categories below:
Tags: romance, humor, no erotic scenes, feel-good, they were each other's crush all along, supportive friends, break up, dating, summer read, light read, strictly kissing and hand-holding, hot doctors, beach reads


  1. Never heard of bookbub. Chirp too. Thanks for this. Good information



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