Book Sample Review - Mirror, Mirror (A Twisted Tale) by Jen Calonita


Book Sample Review - Mirror, Mirror (A Twisted Tale) by Jen Calonita


I made this series because I am a beginner at book reviews, (Currently no access to ARC - "Advanced Readers Copy") and I have no way of getting my hands on a lot of books, without spending a ton of money. I mean I do have access to a library app that I am eternally grateful for (Thank you, Libby I love you to death), but there are some items on there that are not available.  

Hence, I made this series where I can get a feel of whether or not I would be tempted to continue reading a book by going ahead in making the next step of purchasing / picking it up, judging it on the three free chapters the authors or publisher has provided on Amazon Kindle. 

My reviews for (1) samples and (2) books that I purchased with my own money are not going to be spoiler-free. I realized that it's very hard for me to make reviews without touching on certain topics, so while I label it on the title as a "Book Review", it would really be more of a "Book Analysis" or "Book Discussion." Viewers discretion on that part. As of now I only have Libby, Prime Reading, Book Bub, and Book Sirens on my utility belt. If I ever plan to do a Book Subscription or sign up for Kindle Unlimited, I will also disclose it to the readers. 

Copies of books that I've acquired through "Books Sirens" will be spoiler-free. That is a part of their policy when giving out free copies directly from the author. In exchange for a free copy of the book, it is strongly recommended that spoilers are not included so that it won't spoil the story or plot for other future readers. I am always going to label it with a hashtag, #BookSirens so you'll know that a particular review will not contain any minor or major spoilers. 

I'm sorry for the long intro, but I need to clear this up in every post. Anyway on to the review!

Rating:✮✮✮ or ✮✮  ½

My honest reaction to this book was that it is OK. I gave it three stars because I think it passes for me. It didn't fail. But I am not impressed by it either. There are some sentences I ended up annotating because it feels like the author is finally warming up to the characters. The gem that I found within the sample that would most likely egg me on to get the full copy is the scene between Snow White and Prince Henrich. I really like it when an author is able to take a flat, nondescript, obscure character from the background and is able to shape them in a way that doesn't feel like it's a complete departure from the original. I think Calonita did really well in her interpretation of the nameless prince from the original Snow White film. I know it's too soon to tell based on three chapters, but my verdict for this is leaning towards a "No and a Maybe." And I say that because if I liked the writing, I would have picked up "Conceal, Don't Feel" right away, but I didn't. Overall, it's not bad. It reminds me of Sarah Valentino's style of writing. Anyway, my rating is so low because the chapters felt like they dragged on with fillers instead of giving me something new to sink my teeth into. 


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    1. Hi Kinga :) If you love Snow White, I think it's decent and it shouldn't disappoint!



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