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These are stuff in July that made me forget about the global stress we’re all under. Feel free to skip around any section that interests you. Don’t feel the need to read every single thing from beginning to end, just ones that you are curious about! Also, sorry if I repeat some stuff from June ♡♡♡


x I have a lot. Once I already have the separate posts dedicated to my hauls of restock (after not buying anything for 6 months), I’ll be sure to link each individual links in this section. 

x CND Nude Nail polish for sure. It lasted so long and I didn’t need any curing equipment. 

x Nyx Bare With Me Setting Spray 

x Peach blush in Frisky Business (Colourpop) 

x Sakura Palette by Violet Voss: I love the shades, Party, Tokyo, Delicate, and  Season 

x Sunset Striptease by Wet n Wild (Contour) 

x Elf Sugar and Cream $3 (Dupe for my Dolly Wink Peach Shadow; I am so happy!!!)

x Blair Waldorf inspired nails: All Bark by Sally Hansen & (Espresso Brown) && Shooting Star by Sally Hansen (Rose gold, gold hex, silver hex glitter topper), && Goldilocks in LA Girl (Pink brown gold) && Sentiment by LA Colors Hypno Holographic (Pale pink gold)

x Organizing all of my hair ties + hair accessories in one place 

x LA Girl Colorful Glitter in Feisty (It was a pain to remove even with acetone but it is so pretty!!!) 


x I use to hate cereal with a passion because they just feel too sugary for me and now I’m into them. Not the sugary stuff. I found more brands this month that I liked other than the Kellog’s strawberry and plain one. I like plain cheerios paired with strawberry apple sauce (Zeezees). I like the little monster designs :D 

x M Tea Matcha pudding sinkers! 

x Takoyaki. I never thought I’d be that octopus-crazed person but I miss this every time I eat everything from the bowl. First time I tried Takoyaki, I didn’t like it at all. But now I do :3 

x Kimchi fries

x Cake + Steak 

x Coffee in a red mug + Pasta 

x Ginger ale + noodles 



x Boris DLC for 54 cents was such a steal. 


x Being Featured on Fashion Pot Luck’s Weekly Favorites & Making it to the top of their treelink list for my newly released ASMR content. They also featured me on an Instagram post, highlighting three of my videos I’ve mad. I’m a beginner at ASMR and I’m very grateful for their support. If you didn’t know, Fashion Pot Luck is an online magazine for women creatives! The FashionPotLuck Team is awesome :D ! Please check them out! x 

x Having Categories on my blog feels so nice. Everything feels organized and it actually inspired me to put out more content when I was under a dry spell. 

x Making a new series for my blog as I dive into becoming a book blogger :3 It’s a mini sample series / first impressions based on the free chapters I could get my hands on. I’m very excited for it because it goes really well for my No-Buy Year. 

x Launching my Youtube ASMR channel and adding the play button on my blog felt good :D 

x Small clips for the Ghibli vlog I want to make 

x Having a background for filming 


x If it hasn’t been already up, my reviews for the trilogy of High Tea series has definitely been a favorite for both June and July! 

x My mom bought me ‘The Day Crayons Quit’ while she was at Costco :’) 

x Star Wars: Queen’s Shadow (audiobook). The voice actress sounds just like Natalie Portman / Padhme :D 


x Pokemon Twilight Wings is a capsule episode series that I enjoyed watching. I’m on 6/7 episodes. It’s hard to pick a favorite episode but I like the one with Alistair and the Milotic episode. 

x Rick & Morty vs. Genociders :D Special Anime Short (8: 35) 


x No films yet, but I’ve been rewatching stuff to put in the background. 


x I messed up registering for my appointment twice because I increased the dosage for my meds and it made me too sleepy all the time that I missed calls from nurses. So I think I’ll just email her about current stuff. 


SoundCloud // Spotify // Youtube

x Galdive - Sorbet (Premiere) 

x Pink Bastard - Amore Miu Aiutami 

x Monster - Irene & Seulgi ♡♡♡

x Diamond - Irene & Seulgi ♡♡♡

x Jelly - Irene & Seulgi ♡♡♡

x Uncover - Seulgi ♡♡♡

x Elli Moore - OK 

x Memory - Cowboy Bebop (Xuan Xuan) (Array mbira)

x Galdive - Dear Matias 

x Galdive - Sway

x Surfaces - Sunday Best 

x Folklore by Taylor Swift ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

x August - Taylor Swift ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

x La Vie En Rose by Louis Armstrong by Thicc Gremlin  ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


x Chubby’s 4th birthday 7/8 same as my little brother Miko 

x Chubby holding Gigi like a stuffed animal because she was scare of fireworks during 7/4


x Mama Bear helping me get props even though it’s so hot outside in our garage ♡♡♡  I have the best mom!

x Ordering a refill of my anxiety medicine online :D I feel like a functioning adult. They take about a week to shift. 

x Ziegfeld photoshoot. 

x Getting along with my sister in general. 

x Daiso Plush for $5: Cooling penguin that’s pink + grey with a cute yellow bow-tie! 

x People leaving a lot of nice comments on my videos :’) 

x Weight gain helps with filling out shorts I didn’t fill out before :D 

x Simple tank top (Came to Conquer by Treesicle) and grey striped shorts from Banana Republic 

x Mari the Illustrious in her  Pink Plug suit ( Pilot Evangelion) figurine from my local Japan House Store  ♡♡♡

x Book Sirens: Dizzy Lizzie (First Book Copy )

x Obama’s speech for John Lewis’ honor  

x The Michelle Obama Podcast: President Barack Obama episode

x Megan Hess Interview by Hannah Host | She’s very real, funny, and warm | My favorite part of the interview is when she said she wish she could also live in her ig feed :D 

x Megan Hess reading Claris The Mouse Books 1 & 2 on her IG LIVE

x Rearranging my room so more breeze/wind comes in the room 

x Grey and black cats in our backyard patio, enjoying the chicken patties we give them. The grey one has a kitten now! 

x Butterflies, birds, and possums thriving in the backyard garden :D 

x Found doilies at the Dollar Tree. Perfect for flatlays :D 


x Stomach aches at night

x Stress / Panic of not disinfecting or being careful enough

x My city’s hospital crumbling because of the stupid reopening decision + racist people who refuse to wear masks D:

x Fairy-tale re-telling done wrong D: 


What were your July Favorites? Tell me in the comments below :D 



Take care friends! I hope to see you soon! 

Don't forget to wear your mask, wash your hands frequently, and stay positive! 


  1. I love that straw hat! x

    Zoey | www.zoeyolivia.com

  2. It sounds like your July was packed with all sorts of things. I love the relationship you have with your mom. I can totally relate to the not sure of I disinfect enough. Thank you for sharing.
    Stay safe
    Darina from daramiblog

    1. Thank you :D I love my mom and I include her in most of my blog posts especially in monthly favorites! And right? I wish the whole Covid thing becomes over soon because it's been very stressful for everyone.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment.

      I hope you're having a lovely day x

      Stay safe x



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