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Hello there. Welcome to my blog. Welcome back if you’re a returning viewer. I hope you are all doing amazing. I’m very late in posting make up hauls. Seven months late to be exact. My promise for my No-Buy is still being up held. I am seven months clean of being an eyeshadow palette addict! My blog posts relating to make up are just not chronologically published so I do apologize if there is any confusion.

Most Recent Make Up Posts (But Not Recent Purchases*) : Of Quartz | BH Cosmetics | FlowerKnows

*Gift Cards are excluded.

I finally have all the palettes I’ll ever need to match an outfit or nail polish or shoes. So, I’ve been enjoying ONLY looking at new make up releases, but I never get the urge to add them in my cart anymore. It’s been great because I feel like I am more in control. Whereas before I always feel like I’m being swept away in the fury of trends coming and going. I’ve also really been into neutral cool-tones lately now that I have dark hair again. And I’ve been bad at rotating palettes in my stash but recently I’ve been putting more efforts into switching things around. Now I have a both cool-tones and warm palettes in my little shop my stash make up bag, and it feels great to have options and to not get stuck in a rut when it comes to doing my face. 

I also included a couple of nail polishes that I found at TJ Maxx last year around December. The cut off date for new make up cravings was at the end of 2021. There were so many good products at TJ Maxx/Homegoods that I couldn’t believe my luck. The Colourpop palettes are something I ordered as part of my Pick Up Order at Ulta. I’m so sad that they discontinued that service. We need it more than ever now that polio and monkey pox are back :( It’s still so damn annoying that the country I live in doesn’t have any safety measures in place when it comes to state of emergencies. 

What have been your newest make up purchases? Or are you like me and have said Goodbye to Make Up (New Releases) for good? Let’s chat in the comment section below. Thanks for reading. And thanks for sticking to the end as always. Take care xx 


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