Elf Haul | Brand Of The Year (2020) | $3 Drugstore Gems!!!



Hi everyone! It’s me, Mari. Cranking out blog posts in the old blog machine lol. I promise to get back to comments once I’m back on my desktop. I’m currently writing these posts on my iPad in a very dark room, under a very low light setting because I have no idea what’s happened to my previous digital nomad lifestyle, but I am definitely doing some readjusting when it comes to soaking up a lot of screen time. I just have to rest my eyes a lot (aka closing it every five seconds or so), so please forgive me for not being present in every social media app. Promise to interact you with you all, very soon. I’ve missed you guys a lot. 

This is a very late post. I meant to post it about a year ago, but I was on a hiatus, and I only posted whenever there was a collaboration with a strict deadline. When I did came back, I was only able to do monthly posts. So, yeah, it was rare for me to be here. 

I think the title says it all. These are items that are $2-$3 that work very well. I was very, very, very impressed with Elf’s release with these really, amazing products. Please give them a try. You won’t regret it. My favorite is definitely “Cream and Sugar.” It’s a dupe for my favorite Japanese eyeshadow quad by Dolly Wink and it’s definitely become a holy grail. I may have a couple of back ups sitting in one of my make up pouches lol. The glowy blushes are also really, really awesome. It’s perfect for when you’re in the mood to switch up from mattes and satins finishes. I think I was able to get my hands on the lip gloss for free in one of their summer promos. 

Have you been able to play with any of these products? Please let me know in the comment section below! I can’t wait to talk to you! Love you guys!  Take care xx 

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