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Hey! I’ve missed talking to you guys! As I’ve mentioned in the last post, you will be seeing a lot of my hands from now on. And that is because I have turned my attention to nail polish instead of make up. If you are new here: Welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay and consider following me on Bloglovin.’ The button is on the right side of the blog under my profile picture. Thanks for being here!

It’s hard to pick a favorite between these two sets, because they’re a tie for me. They were both really lovely. If I remember correctly, the one on the left is from Five Below (But I’ve also seen them in TJ Maxx and Marshall’s) and the one on the right is from Sally’s Beauty. 

I love how both sets come with really small sizes because I have tiny hands. The match isn’t completely perfect but they were pretty close to my natural nails. I like the dainty look of the almond shaped nails, but I just prefer coffin ⚰️ shaped nails on me the most. But I still like it. It definitely reminds me of Disney Princesses’ hands. Especially with the soft nude neutral color. It makes me think of Belle when she did that sunset scene after Gaston left with his unwelcome proposal lol. I also included a bonus nail set with more an iridescent, opal color scheme.

I love the right set, because it reminds me of Howl’s Moving Castle for some reason or other. I like the striking blue and I love the diamond shaped/prism-like accent nails the most. I got a lot of compliments while I was out and about running errands at Target or at CVS. 

The left set is a bit too bulky for my liking (it’s very stiff), but the one on the right, is sturdy but still somewhat flexible and lighter. I used Nailene nail glue to make them last for about a week and a half  (almost two weeks). They lasted really well, even though I was constantly washing my hands and putting on hand sanitizer. 

They only started to look dull around week two, and by that time I don’t mind because I’m ready to change my nails by then.

Let me know what nails you’re sporting at the moment. You can leave me links in the comment section below. Thanks for reading! I’ll see you guys in the next post. Take care xx  


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