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Hey guys! I’m back and I’m posting February posts a bit early! Today I wanted to share with you where I get my Amiibo coins for New Horizons. I got these for around $2 per coin. I think. Maybe even less. I got these from Etsy around April last year. I love the thoughtful and cute packaging. I wish that there was a coin for Raymond. He’s my dreamie. Only second to Stitches and Lucky though. Definitely going back for more villagers later when I get back to playing my Switch. Because I want to get my hands on Zucker (The cute, lil takoyaki dude). He’s so cute. I wanna eat him up. 

I still haven’t modified my island. Right now, it’s between vintage, fairy-tale core and classic horror. Just from basic stuff I get from Timmy and Tommy’s shop. Nothing fancy yet. But what does your island look like? Leave me a comment or a link to your ACNH instagram account so I can check it out. 

I want to make a school-slice-of-life scene when I come back to my island, but that’s gonna take a lot of Nook Mile Tickets. Maybe I can get stuff from Nookazon, but I don’t know how that works and I don’t know if Nintendo allows it. I don’t know. I’m still new to Animal Crossing. I only got to seriously playing last year in the Pocket Camp version. Which I don’t wanna disclose how much I spent on it . _ . ;; Well, let’s just say it cost the same as I would’ve spent if I went to therapy earlier in 2021. 

Who are your favorite villagers? Who’s your dreamie? I can’t wait to talk to you! Take care xx 



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