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One more early February post comin’ right up! I picked these cute accessories around January last year. I remember exchanging gift cards with my little brother, just so I could buy these lol. No-Buy went pretty well last year. Gift cards definitely saved the day when I was craving adding a lot of cute stuff to my cart last year. I remember later on in the year, I wanted to go back for more stuff from Wonderland Attitude, but unfortunately the shop was on a short hiatus, so I couldn’t go back for even more stuff. Hopefully, by the end of my No-Buy this year, I can pick up more items. I can’t wait to see more of her inventory. She always has something new and exciting! 

Favorite items: All of them! I’m not exaggerating when I say that! But I do love the Triple Moon Goddess and Devil’s fork choker the most. I also like the pink, jelly lollipop. And of course, I can’t forget the bat and jack-o-lantern cupcake 🎃 🧁 hair pins! They’re so awesome! She put something soft under the pins, so that they’re snag-free!!! And the classic Halloween color scheme of sparkly orange glitters and black shaker stuff is also my favorite! 

What I’m going back for: I have these at my “Saved For Later” cart, and they’re the coffin ⚰️ chokers with a traditional cross in the center. And definitely, other Dracula-esque items that I can find! 

What’s your favorite from this haul? Please let me know in the comment section below! Take care xx 


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  1. These items are just so fun! Those chokers, a big WANT from me! That headband as well, it looks adorable~
    OMG, I just checked the shop/Etsy, they are from my country? That means I can shop till I drop. Haha, I was already worried that I wouldn't be able to get anything because of the new customs/VAT stuff, but now... *grins*

    1. Yay! Mehsi! I'm so glad! I forgot to mention that the shop is from the Netherlands! I was also worried about customs but I didn't get charge any and I live very far away. The shop owner is currently doing a mystery bag promo, and I wish I could participate, but I don't have any extra cash right now. I'm gonna be adding it on my wish list tho! :) xx



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