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I’m back again! As promised this is Day 7 of the Winter Blogmas that got delayed. So I picked these items up, a couple of years ago and I’ve only got around to sharing them now. I don’t have very good luck with The Balm eyeshadows, but I did have a better luck with their face complexion products. I picked up an eyeshadow, a bronzer, and an eyebrow pencil during their 50% off sale during the end of the summer sale or early fall sale. 

Anyway, a couple of the shadows arrived broken (because the packaging had no protection at all). It just came in a plain yellow envelope with no padding whatsoever and there was powder everywhere when I opened the package. I had to learn how to re-press shadows back into their pans and I did a bad job of flattening it back with alcohol and some paper towels. So, I reached out to them and they agreed to do a refund but it took a couple of months before I reached a text to say that they did complete the refund process.

Also, I think the eye brow product broke me out (must’ve been expired already). I guess I didn’t have that much of a good luck during the sale.  What drew me to the sale was the Auto Balm eyeshadows because it has a shadow named after my favorite actress, “Carole Lombard.” The eyeshadows were great with a brush but not with your fingers. Which is weird because you’d think the oil in your hands would warm up the shadows. The bronzer wasn’t that great either. It doesn’t show up on me for some reason. And I have a fair to medium skin tone.

I’m not to happy with their shipping process and their prices to be honest, but I will say, their aesthetics are always on point. Their Volume II travel palette is the only thing that’s been a hit for me. 

What are some hauls that you’ve done that you never got around to sharing? Let’s talk in the comment section below! Thanks for being here! Take care xx 


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