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Hi everyone! Welcome to the third installment of my “Shop Small Series.” I made these to accompany my podcast scripts. I hope you enjoy it. This isn’t a very huge haul, but I’m so happy with everything that I got! I picked these up from Etsy during one of my Spooky Hauls. I love my black cat pullover so much. It’s all I wore around Fall last year. I hated waiting for it to be washed in the laundry. And I would immediately put it back on after taking it out of the dryer. I found Fairyflux’s shop from one of “Jade the Libra’s” Halloween Decor Hunting videos. I can’t wait to watch Jade’s “Valloween video.” Let me know if you are too. If you’re looking for pretty, cute spooky stuff, please check out Fairyflux from Etsy! 

I’m sorry if the photo lightning is taken way down for the black cat 🐈‍⬛ pullover. It kept showing up as blue or purple when I tried to take photos of it. So, I just dimmed the lighting and saturation a bit, so that you can see that it truly is a dark, deep black. 

I’m still very much in love with, Pink. And I’m glad that Fairyflux combines my love for softer colors and gothic themes. Anyway, I really love my Boba 🧋 motel keychain too. I love the size of it. And it definitely makes it easier fishing for your keys inside your purse because it’s quite large (but not too large). 

That’s all from me for today! Let’s chat in the comment section below! Love you guys. Take care xx 


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  1. I never heard the seller fairy flux but I have a tote bag from Black Cat Coven!
    Also, if you're into kawaii spooky stuff there this Etsy seller name goes like Spooky doodle club.


    1. That's so awesome! We're both matching and didn't know it until now :D Oh my gosh, I just checked out their shop and they have so many good cute horror stuff in their store. I favorited so many! Thank you for telling me about Spooky Doodle Club xx

  2. It look so beautiful. I like that color and design.



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