Winter Skincare Routine 2022 (Hands + Lips)



Hi again! You’re just seeing a lot of me today, aren’t you? That must be vexing lol. Today I wanted to show you guys my winter skincare routine for my body routine. More specifically, my hands and lips as mentioned in the title lol. 

I also would like to apologize in advance if I don’t list every item. I just thought it would be a bit repetitive if I do since I already have the photographs with a clear view of their names. I also understand that people are just very suspish of links whether it’s affiliate or not. Rest assured, the names of these aren’t very long, so they shouldn’t take too long to type in Google. 

The one thing I did want to mention specifically is the Nivea lip balm with SPF 20 PA ++. I think it’s awesome that it protects your lips from sun damage. With a mask, I’ve noticed that my lips have become a better shade of raspberry pink, but I don’t wear a mask all the time (when I’m in the parking lot walking, I do tend to just leave it hanging down my chin before I enter the store, so my lips are exposed then). I bought this Nivea from my local Japanese store Reiwatakiya. I think you can also find the Nivea products listed on Amazon too, but a lot of people are complaining that they’re not authentic.  They might have it at Yesstyle, and they have better credibility than the ones on Amazon when it comes to most Japanese Skincare Products. 

Also just love how everything that I’m using right now has pink packaging. It makes me think of Eloise: At The Plaza where she rescued the debutante ball with the color pink and now I get to do the same thing but with body care lol. I definitely get a lot of bloody knuckles during winter, and these products help me out a lot! 

Another thing I want to make a note of is that I mix heavy hand creams with any lighter hand cream or body lotion that I have around, just so that I can move the product around much easier, but at the same time, seal the moisture in. 

Where I got the other items from: Lys Lip oil (Sephora) | Lanolips and Lanolin Lano Heavy hand cream (Ulta x Target). A photo that I didn’t include is the Flower Blossom nail oil for cuticles that I get at a local nail salon, but you can also find it at either Five Below or Amazon. You don't need all of these products. You can definitely just transfer your regular body lotion and put them in a smaller container if you're more comfortable with that. And if you can't find any of the cuticle oil, you can also use hair oil if you'd like. That works for me. I chose these products because they're travel-friendly (small and no spilling involved) and easy to toss in your purse and go wherever you go. And a little bit of pink never hurts if you're in a need of a mood boost. 

Edit: I added the missing photos. I also tagged them for the labels at the bottom of the post.

Update: One of the products above has stopped working. But fear not, I have a better replacement for it.The Rose Oil from Ten over Ten has burst after being stuck. What a mess. And they charged me $24 for this. Ten over Ten, you suck for this. I originally picked this up for the ingredients and the mechanism at the bottom of the product looked efficient enough for a nail pen. It was initially hard to get the product out as others have reviewed it at Target but I eventually got it to work so I didn’t want to leave a negative review right away. Anyway, it worked fine during winter, and it looked like it was gonna last another winter because of how little product is dispensed when you squeezed the tube. I was fine with that until it decided to dry up and cake up at the opening and it was hard to get any products out at all. The ingredients are healthy. I’ll give it that, but the scent is only tolerable. Anyway. I don’t think I would’ve been on the hunt for nail oil pens if Blossom made a line specifically for nail pens. That’s what I get for trying to look for products that will last a long time. It’s gonna suck having to empty this product. For now, it’s sitting in a lone compartment in the car where it won’t spill inside of my purse. Another product I don’t care to empty is the C Care Sweet Almond Oil. It smells heavily like cherry liquor instead of plain almond. And I have to use 2 fluid ounces before it’s all gone. Again, my fault for being on the hunt for nail oil that’ll last at least 6 months without constantly repurchasing. Now I’m wondering if I should’ve picked up the Cuccio line instead, or if C Care was the name before the rebrand. (Edit: I've tried it with the dropper and the heavy scent did dissipate really quickly. The only problem is it kinda stings my eyes. Maybe it won't do that if I use the brush. It's ok for now, so I guess it's staying in my collection). The one that does work is CND Vinyl Lux Rescue Rxx. It has Keratin and it makes my nails look brighter and healthier. The yellow stains were actually gone! The downside is it’s only 0.08 fluid oz. But the scent is wonderful. It smells like faint almonds with a tinge of sweetness. It smells really good every time I use it. Another downside however is that  I’m having trouble finding the authentic product. Because Walmart, Target, and Amazon are all filled with third-party sellers and a lot of people are complaining that the stuff they get later on is not genuine. It’s such a bummer. I’ll keep getting mine from Target for $13 and hope that it’ll always be the real, original product. I’m trying to look for a pack that’s being sold but those aren’t available at the moment. The CND Rescue pen lasted me for a couple of months with constant usage. Really sorry for the long rant you guys. But I hope this helps. The Olive and June Cuticle Serum with Cactus Flowers is an ok pen, but I prefer oil over serum. There was no struggle with getting the product out but again, it’s one I’ll have to constantly repurchase at $15. And I would rather spend it on the CND Rescue pen. I’ll miss out on the pink aesthetic though, but the CND Rescue Pen is holy grail at this point, and I will have no choice but to repurchase it individually. Still wish it came in pink or it came with refills for less waste though. (Edit:  Good news! I used one of the Strawberry Sorbet Natural Shea EOS Lip Balm from Ulta as a cuticle moisturizer on a whim and it worked out great! I checked after application if my cuticles - particularly my middle finger-  would revert back to being cracked, crusty, and dry, but it stayed moisturized all afternoon, through the night, and well over the next day!). This is so awesome because I didn't want to have to constantly repurchase the CND nail pen. I only wanna use that for promoting nail growth and at the moment, I have some lengths to work with. As always, I'll edit the post with more photos later. For now everything, I am using is listed in this update paragraph! I also got a hand moisturizer as a gift during the winter holidays: Beauty Concept Sugar Cookies. It worked great and smelled like fall cookies.


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  1. I'm such a sucker for cute pink packaging as well! I'll look for that cuticle oil next time I'm at Five Below! ♥

    1. Same! I can't resist pink either! I hope they have it when you go on your next visit! It's amazing. They use real-life flowers. It looks so pretty in the bottle. I always get mine in Jasmine. xx



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